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11-15 june, 2007

I'm taking 5 days off from swatching as I prepare a secret item for Friday's Knitty submission deadline.  I'll give you a hint, what I'm submitting was swatched here when it was cold and rainy.

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Good luck with your secret project. Will wait patiently for the renewal of the daily swatches

Posted by: Rachel | Jun 11, 2007 11:15:23 PM

Okay, Nona is knitting a warm and cozy wool umbrella? (grin)

Posted by: anne | Jun 12, 2007 2:48:34 AM

Whew! That will give me time to catch up on my Sidewinder.

Posted by: becky c. | Jun 12, 2007 7:44:12 AM

Hmmm....back in March (which might have been cold and rainy), when you made your mini Gansey, you mentioned wanting to design yourself a traditional, yet modern version. You were talking about making it in the Fall, but this submission would be for the Fall issue of knitty. Hmmm...I wonder. Well, whatever it is, Good Luck!

Posted by: Laura | Jun 12, 2007 1:04:11 PM

Baby blankie?
...and since I've nver commented before, thank you so much for the insipring work of daily swatching...I've almost convinced myself to take the plunge!

Posted by: Kabira | Jun 12, 2007 3:14:38 PM

Holy cow, you've engineered the Sidewinders and you're composing a Knitty submission? Yep, Your my knitting hero!

Posted by: phoenix | Jun 12, 2007 3:44:55 PM

Miss you already.

Posted by: Angie | Jun 13, 2007 2:25:05 PM

Maybe a short row log cabin afghan sort of thing? But taken way beyond the confines of what is normal, Nona-ified, and made utterly wonderful.

Posted by: Cassie | Jun 16, 2007 1:39:28 AM

I am so freakin' curious! I think you should have submitted the Sidewinders to Knitty, but I am glad you didn't, so I don't have to wait that long. I started my gauge swatch last night!

Posted by: Chelsea | Jun 18, 2007 9:40:37 AM

I've tried to compose a witty limerick to convey how much I miss your swatches...but really I'd become an addict and need my swatch-fix: no laughing matter! Hope you're back swatching soon!

Posted by: Kabira | Jun 19, 2007 9:15:48 AM

Where are you? I really miss seeing something new on you site everyday.

Posted by: Georgia | Jun 25, 2007 5:42:03 AM

5 days are gone- and we miss ya'!

Posted by: hPNY Knits | Jun 27, 2007 3:57:08 PM

Ooh! Good luck with your secret project!!!

Posted by: Maddie | Jun 27, 2007 10:37:43 PM

Missing the swatches, sooo missing the swatches.

Posted by: Thistledown | Jun 28, 2007 7:47:11 AM

Help! I need my swatch fix!

Posted by: Cate | Jun 28, 2007 3:14:54 PM

Hello? Hello?

Posted by: Angie | Jun 30, 2007 9:56:03 AM

Jonesing for a swatch fix - along with the rest.

Posted by: Beth in Seattle | Jul 2, 2007 3:03:21 PM

it wasn't cold and rainy very much this year... some in january, february, not much in march or april... hate droughts

Posted by: callie | Jul 4, 2007 4:17:54 PM

nona, nona, wherefore art thou nona???

Posted by: lynne | Jul 6, 2007 3:51:43 PM

Yeah, I miss you too!

Posted by: Liz | Jul 9, 2007 5:49:44 PM

Nona! Where are you?
Has something thrown the proverbial wrench into the swatching-works?

Posted by: Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) | Jul 9, 2007 6:03:00 PM

Dear nona, the knitternet isn't the same without you. I'm sending you some good knitty thoughts . . . here they come. There! Did you get them? Hope so.

Posted by: Tiffanie | Jul 9, 2007 9:24:53 PM

Knitternet, lol... I miss the swatches, too!!

Posted by: Melanie | Jul 10, 2007 12:16:44 AM

Oh Nona, come back, please
I miss the swatches

Posted by: Mary | Jul 10, 2007 8:39:34 PM

Me too I miss my daily dose of swatch

Posted by: Anne | Jul 12, 2007 5:34:55 PM

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