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01 march, 2007

I'm still in search of an inspiration for the nona-niece-to-be's baby blanket.  Last summer I had a lot of fun knitting dish towels.  It started with a variation on the Mason Dixon dish cloth and moved into an interesting textured version.  Today's swatch resurrects the textured stitch -- 2 Color Star Stitch to be exact.  I'm not sure if the colors are right, but I love the alpaca yarn and like combining the variegated yarn with the solid.  Potential, my friends, potential.

Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist's Baby Twist in red and Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in color way John B.
Needles: US 4
Gauge: About 5.5 stitches = 1 inch
Stitch: 2 Color Star Stitch
Source: Barbara Walker's A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.   

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I love combining a variegated with a solid too. Particularly where the solid's very close to one the colours in the variegated. I'm really enjoying following the swatching.

Posted by: Kate in Somerset, UK | Mar 1, 2007 11:54:14 PM

I agree. Potential. This is looking cozy and cute.

Posted by: anna | Mar 2, 2007 7:37:11 AM

Lovely! I also like your dish towel version, with the two solid colors, but - as Kate said - I really like a solid/variegated combination in which the solid color is echoed in the variegated.
I would definitely use it for a baby blanket. The texture is great, and there are holes, which seems to be a must for me in a baby blanket... I don't know why, but this is how I seem to like my baby blankets: every one I've made was lacy!

Posted by: Josiane | Mar 2, 2007 10:43:12 AM

Love it! I've been musing about combining yarns, in part inspired by the 2-variegated-color chevron scarf from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" going around blogland.

Posted by: Kim | Mar 2, 2007 11:18:14 AM

Love the texture of the stitch pattern, but I think you need more contrast between the solid color and the variegated. Babies are visually drawn to sharp color contrasts (which is why it's so weird that we drown them in pastels!)

Posted by: becky c. | Mar 2, 2007 11:50:37 AM

I have a great idea for you for the blanket:
patchwork knitting.
here is a link to some ideas:
I made one for my son using the same directions:

Posted by: hPNY Knits | Mar 2, 2007 1:36:14 PM

I love how you mix colours that are friendly but not related. I hope the wool is machine washable for babies.

Posted by: Angie | Mar 2, 2007 4:08:07 PM

Isn't John B pretty, I have some in sportweight and it makes me think of maple leaves in the fall.

Having often looked at my 365 Stitches calendar and wondered if I had the determination to knit a year's worth (Not at the moment), I have a question. Did you start the year with an outline, a list of must-knit stitches? Or are you letting yourself go where the knitting winds blow?

Posted by: Margaret | Mar 2, 2007 4:22:45 PM

Okay I so have to keep this in mind when I do my MD Sheep & Wool festival shopping. I love the look and could be used for so many things. Thanks for all the lovely ideas you're spurring on in me with your sharing of swatches.

Posted by: Celtic Queen | Mar 2, 2007 4:54:04 PM

Hi Nona

I could not find the stitch in either of Barbara Walkers books. Can you provide a page number? Love the atitch, thinking of adding it to afghan I am making

Posted by: karen | Mar 2, 2007 5:19:18 PM

hi again

the one that looks like it is star tweed, in book one

Posted by: karen | Mar 2, 2007 5:21:04 PM

I used Star Tweed stitch for dishcloths a couple weeks ago. They turned out awesome. And it is indeed from the first treasury.

Posted by: Julianne | Mar 6, 2007 5:08:02 PM

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