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20 february, 2007

Today's swatch combines 3 versions of my "Mystery Blanket" squares and 1 of EZ's version.  To join the blocks I followed EZ's directions.  First, the live stitches between the blocks are grafted together and then the center diamond is knit.  I cannot believe I'm going to say this, but the grafting was fun and easy!   

Yarn: Malabrigo in cognac; kettle dyed merino wool.
Needles: US 7, double points
Source: Knitter's Almanac page 43

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I've (lovingly) admired this pattern many times in Knitter's Almanac. My question is this - are there too many ends for such a small area of knitting?

Posted by: grumperina | Feb 20, 2007 11:05:36 PM

That is beautiful! :) I love the way the swirls work.
If I were making a blanket out of your grafted swatches I would keep four of the squares as designed in the very centre of the blanket, surrounded by your fancy swirly ones, then a "round" of pattern ones around your swirl ones, then another swirl one and I'd end with the final "round" of squares being the patteren squares with 4 swirly ones at each corner.

It would be beautiful. In fact...I might actually do this...Inspiration thy name is Nona!

Posted by: Arianne | Feb 21, 2007 3:46:04 AM

You have to stop this. My heart can't take it anymore. I don't have enough hands.

Seriously though, this is gorgeous, and just might have me buying my first EZ book.

Posted by: Cara | Feb 21, 2007 4:41:14 AM

PS - I prefer your version to EZs.

Posted by: Cara | Feb 21, 2007 4:41:59 AM

What a lovely way to join the squares together!

Posted by: Josiane | Feb 21, 2007 11:06:19 AM

Beautiful. I have no more to say.

Posted by: Laura | Feb 21, 2007 2:06:29 PM

Really beautiful. Perfect choice of yarn. I like your squares in this yarn better than the straight lines.

Posted by: Brenda | Feb 21, 2007 10:18:29 PM

I can see Madonna wearing this on stage!

Posted by: anna | Feb 22, 2007 9:45:08 AM

very cool. you can alternate sections or get pinwheel effect.

Posted by: hPNY Knits | Feb 22, 2007 11:29:10 AM

I meant alternate sections in different colors.

Posted by: hPNY Knits | Feb 22, 2007 11:30:30 AM

Oh wow. This really does raise a whole 'nother set of questions on arranging the X's and swirls.

Posted by: Margaret | Feb 22, 2007 5:56:47 PM

I can see a purse knit out of the fabric you've created here -- sort of a knitted version of crocheted granny squares. Very haute couture.

Posted by: anne | Feb 23, 2007 6:38:03 AM

(adding to previous comment)Well, you and EZ together. You could create a fashion line: Nona's Elizabeth Zimmerman Collection!

Posted by: anne | Feb 23, 2007 6:39:28 AM

This is really nice! Will it become a project? A lap blanket or a throw?

Posted by: Susie | Feb 24, 2007 5:19:33 AM

Noooona ~ this is sooooo lovely. I've just got Vogue's knitting magazine, with Norah Gaughan's capecho and I'm gearing up to knit the pentagons that make up the pattern. This so reminds me of it. Hmmmm... Lovely, lol.

Sorry, I've been offline connection problems (really, you don't want to know, lol). But I'm still rooting for you girl.

Posted by: angel | Feb 24, 2007 10:52:14 AM

That is just the coolest join. I love how it looks designed, rather than like... well, I have to put the pieces together SOMEHOW.

Posted by: Leisel | Feb 25, 2007 11:41:02 PM

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