November 21, 2004

Craft Show Tear-Up

Fort Mason and Celebration of Craftswomen was today's destination for nona, three nona-sisters, nona-niece, and nona-nephew -- poor nona-nephew had no idea what he was getting himself into.  Before entering the craft show, we first fortified ourselves at Greens restaurant with a bit of Greens-ToGo.  Greens is so good it will turn any meat-eater into a vegetarian, at least it had for nona. 

nona-nieceTo the show. As with most craft shows this one had something for everyone from fine craft to ticky-tack.  Of course nona et al gravitated to the fine craft, which is how we found ourselves in Kate Bishop's Hat Booth.  Let me first say that nona-niece knows how to wear a hat.  After trying on several of Kate's fabulous creations and hamming it up a bit, Kate came over and placed an off-white lacy hat on nona-niece's head.  Beautiful all around.  Kate then asked nona-niece her name and said if she liked the hat it was hers.  You see, Kate gives out one free hat a day.  The right hat for the right person and today nona-niece was the right one.  Well this was too much for nona, who preceded to tear-up, if not down right cry.  You always hear about "random acts of kindness", but when you experience a sincere act of kindness it becomes more than a cliche.

Meanwhile, back on the knitting front, nona made progress on the 2nd Footlet and the Throw Me On Wrap.  A few minutes here, a few minutes there, at nona-sister5's house, at a coffee shop.

On to the second sock, a variation on the first

About half way there!

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November 15, 2004

Nona Buys Cashmere in LA

Warning, this first paragraph contains no knitting content...

Nona-son the elder and I had a great college trip to LA.  I think the entire trip is best summarized with two words, "popcorn shrimp".  Nona is going to dearly missing nona-son the elder when he leaves for college, he is definitely the spice in the household.  The big surprise of the trip was Loyola Marymount University.  LMU started off as one of nona-son the elder's "safety" schools, but we both really, really liked LMU and it has moved quite high on his list!  It's a perfect size for nona-son the elder, has a wonderful "English: Writing Emphasis" major, and has an excellent mix of academics and the creative arts.  Very interesting choice!

Back to the knitting part of the LA trip ...

Thursday afternoon when we got back to our hotel, nona-son the elder decided he wanted to read for a bit before we went out to dinner.  Perfect, this gave me an hour to check out one of the local Santa Monica yarn shops.  After opening the phone book and doing a bit of eany-meany-miney-mo I headed out for L'Atelier on Montana Avenue.  L'Atelier is a gourmet yarn shop with a bit of snobbery, but oh-so beautiful yarn.   I'm sure by now you're on pins and needles, "Did you buy anything nona?".  Yes, of course I did - I bought something a bit snobby! 

Loopymohair_seamingL'Atelier offers a catalog of patterns along with a pattern of the month, all made from luxurious yarn.  The sample for this month's pattern, "Throw Me On", was sitting on a table begging me to throw it on.   Yikes - soft, comfortable, cabled, a must have.   Here's the snobby part, it's made out of a cashmere yarn.  Since I was going for it, I decided to get some beautiful lantern moon knitting needles to round out the totally-over-the-top experience.   "Throw Me On" is a simple rectangular shawl that buttons in the front.  I don't have a picture, so you'll have to wait until I'm done.  The yarn and needles are beautiful and a joy to knit!


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