February 05, 2007

How Did I Manage Before?

Several weeks ago, in a moment of sympathetic weakness, I took a stand in defense of the gray cardigan -- that oh-so practical wardrobe essential.  An excellent decision, if I do say so myself.  I finished my Eliza Cardigan about a week and a half ago and have worn it at least 6 times.  Yes it's non-descript.  Yes, it's gray.  Yes, it's practical.  But, it's also warm, cozy, light weight, and goes with everything.  The best part of this cardigan is the yarn -- Lana Grossa's Royal Tweed.  It felt great to knit with and even better to wear.

With each finished knitting project there are lessons to be learn.  This sweater was no exception as it taught me to appreciate and enjoy Jane Austen.  I dare say I might even be an Austen fan.  It all started with the Pride and Prejudice movie.   Since that faithful evening I've watched 5 Austen movies -- Mansfield Park was my favorite -- and have listened to 2.5 novels -- I'm currently into Sense and Sensibility.  I find listening to Austen to be the perfect knitting companion.

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January 15, 2007

In Defense of the Gray Cardigan

I present myself to you, my friends, in defense of the simple gray cardigan.  No one wants to buy one -- why speed money on something you could knit -- nor do we want to knit one -- why knit with gray when there are so many other lovely colors -- yet, we all need one.   To demonstrate my solidarity with this stalwart of fashion I happily knit away on my Eliza Cardigan in a wonderfully soft, yet oh-so gray tweedy yarn.  Here's to practicality, from time to time. 

The fronts and back are finished and joined at the shoulders.  I'm zipping through the sleeves and look forward to 2 hours of blissful knitting as I watch Jack Bauer and crew blow things up and be generally horrible to one another -- the joys of 24, I wouldn't miss a second!

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