March 06, 2006

Rogue: Page 10, Step 28

I've just finished page 10, step 28 of the beautifully written Rogue pattern, which means -- drum roll please -- I'm finished!  I'm happy, happy, happy with the end result.  Although it's a tad big -- I should have made one size smaller -- the overall effect is  over sized and cozy.

The Celtic knot cables used in this sweater are beautiful and the best part of the knitting process.  The majority of the cables are at the neck and around the hood. 

Love those cables!

The sleeper in this project was the yarn -- Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran.  Once washed the yarn bloomed beautifully creating a light and airy, yet warm fabric.  The yarn holds the cables well and makes an ideal "outside" sweater". 

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January 21, 2006

Bleak Sky Knitting

This morning I woke to a bleak, over cast day.  A day synonymous with Northern California winter and one far less preferable to blue sky or gusty, hard rain.  I also woke to a remembered goal of tidying the garage.  For most Californians, the garage serves as basement, attic, and -- to only the most cleanly and orderly at heart -- protector of cars.  Our garage is in constant flow of disarray, confirming Murphy's belief that there is one state of order and infinite states of disorder.  But how can you motivate to strive for that single state of garage order on a bleak day?  Well, my friends, it's not possible -- at least not for nona.

Rogue: Page 8, Step 15

I did, however, motivate to knit with a cup of tea by my side and an audible book playing in my ears.  Garage procrastination led to Rogue progress -- Page 8, Step 15 to be exact.  Which means, I'm finished with the body and on to the challenge of the hood.   As part of my Olympic training, I plan to finish Rogue before the Olympic Torch is lit and I'm transformed into an Olympic Knitter.

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November 29, 2005

Rogue: Page 5, Step 6

Time to talk yarn.  nona's often swayed by a yarn's "yum" factor.  Now friends, I'm using "yum" as a purely technical term -- one that precisely describes the luxurious softness and touchability of a yarn.  Throw in a little silk, alpaca, microfiber, or cashmere and chances are high it attracts me.  However, as I age -- and I'm aging -- I've come to appreciate other, less glamorous aspects of yarn.  There are even times when I want to knit with 100%, rough and ready, slightly scratchy, must wear a shirt underneath, spongy, springy, wonderful wool.  Rogue happens to be one of these times.

It may not be "Yum", but it's the right yarn for the Rogue.

In Rogue I see a sweater begging to be knit in good old fashion wool.  I want Rogue's cables to be pronounced and sculpted and I want Rogue to be a winter, outdoor sweater.  For these reasons and more, I selected Jamieson's Shetland Heather in Pippin and I'm loving it!  You'll never pick up a ball of Shetland Heather, cradle it under your chin, and whisper "Yum".  But -- and here's the kicker -- there's more to life -- and knitting -- then yum.   

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November 11, 2005

Rogue: Page 5, Step 4

Recently, nona's world has revolved around spiral madness, finger fever, and baby bobbles.  This evening -- with the work week behind me and take out food on the table -- the "back to basics" knitting Siren softly cooed, "sweater, wool, cables."  Thinking it prudent, I listened to the imaginary voice and succumbed to the pleasures of knitting Rogue.  For my fellow Rogue knitters, I'm one page 5, step 4, chart A, row 61 -- need I say more?

I rarely follow a pattern as written, always adding this and changing that.  Not so for Rogue.  I'm minding my Ps and Qs, following the pattern step by step, and enjoying the ingenious details along the way.  Case in point, as the side cable twists and turns, in and out, it quietly doubles as the sweater's waist shaping.  In nona's book, the girl from auntie is one clever girl and I'm going to listen and learn!

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November 01, 2005

A Dream?

Close your eyes and imagine -- wait, that won't work, keep your eyes open -- imagine it's 5:15pm, you've finished work, soup's simmering on the stove, the house is reasonably clean -- reasonably -- and no one else is home.  The house is quiet and your responsibilities are done.  A Dream?   No, this is actually happening to nona as I write.  The setting is perfect -- the moment is right -- to start my new project, Rogue.  Let me give your the back story...

Yesterday -- like any ordinary day -- I was reading my share of knit blogs.  I particularly enjoyed Black Olive's posting answering Carolyn's Knitting MeMe. 

Digression 1:  Don't you just love Black Olive's blog header? 
Digression 2:  Don't you just love reading everyone's answers to Carolyn's Knitting MeMe

Back on point, I got to "Your most favorite knit pattern" question and Black Olive's response, "Rogue is BY FAR, the most fun pattern I've knit."  As any self respecting reader would do, I popped over to check out Rogue.  Did you?  What a great pattern -- Click, Add to Cart, Check Out, Download, Print.  What a beautiful pattern.  A Dream?   No, this actually happened to me.  This pattern -- all 19 pages of it -- is chock full of schematics, diagrams, well written instructions, and choices.  A bargain for $6.00 and worthy of its own "report cover".  What the heck, if this pattern is as good as it seems, I'm going to send the girl from auntie a bonus!

So here I sit, on page 3, step 1, casting on for Rogue and starting the hem.  A Dream?

As for the yarn my friends, that's a story for another day.

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