November 19, 2004

A Pattern is a Suggestion, Not a Rule

nona wearing her winter tankHey nona, what's that you're wearing?  Looks like the mohair winter tank, nicely layered over a pink button down shirt -- JJill is it not?  And what's that you're knitting?  Looks like the 2nd footlet?  Yes, kind reader, you are correct on all counts.  The mohair winter tank just flew off the needles.  I love the soft airiness of the mohair and the neutral color with a hint, or should I say a kiss, of pink.  Alas, it makes me look a tad -- I hope only a tad -- pudgy, but nona does not care a whole lot about that.  Okay, yes she does, but it feels so cozy!

winter tank fabricAlthough I used a pattern as my guide (Gesta from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Hand Knitting Collection Book Number Two),  I made a few changes.  In addition to changing the yarn and fiddling with the gauge, I also knit the lower body in the round and turned the whole thing inside out.  I was half way up the lower body, working in the prescribed p6,k2 ribbing, when I happened to peak inside.  I was pleasantly surprised at the look of the k6, p2 ribbing and promptly declared the inside to be the outside.  It's important to remember that a pattern is only a suggestion to the thoughtful knitter.  Use it as a guide, not as a hard and fast rule.  Ribbed Mohair Winter Tank Photo Spread 

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November 14, 2004

Introducing the Winter Tank

GestaWhile leafing through Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Hand Knitting Collection Book Number Two, the Gesta pattern caught my eye -- if you haven't realized it by now, nona loves reading knitting books, magazines, pattern books, etc.   Nona thinks this garment looks far too stylish to be called a "vest", nona thinks it should be be called a "winter tank", so be it.  I've actually seen the knitted winter tank featured in several fashion magazines and like how it is layered over a button down shirt.

Having just bought a pink and beige striped button down shirt, why not make a winter tank?  Mine is being made out of 3 different mohairs -- I wanted to mix colors to pull out the pink and beige in the striped shirt.

3 Yarns, Held Together

Winter Tank in Progress

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