March 26, 2006

Jump the Hurdle

nona's an inquisitive gal, always looking for new things to try.  But somehow that inquisitiveness did not spill over into the domain of crochet.  To be perfectly honest -- and by now you know I must -- I had erected my own personal barrier, changing patterns to avoid the dreaded crab stitch or double crochet.  Well, my friends, I've jumped that hurdle, learned a bit about crochet, and successfully added a double crochet border to the edges of my Ramona Vest.  Sure it took me a couple attempts to get it right, but I did!

Crochet edges -- check. 
Next up, the final touch -- embroidered colorful circles. 

Why the heck had I dreaded crochet so much?  It was fun and once I found my rhythm, hypnotic.  I even went so far as to buy the latest issue of Interweave Knits Crochet magazine.  I suppose I should transfer this positive experience into other aspects of my life -- decide what it is I avoid and face it head on.  Who knew learning crochet could be so empowering.

Oops, I almost forget to mention my solution to the curling edge problem.  Before adding the crochet edge, I picked up stitches and worked 4 rows of seed stitch in the dark brown.  The seed stitch plus the crochet did the trick -- my curling front edges are no more!

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March 22, 2006

Please Pass the Candy

Can you please pass the candy bowl so I can finish my Ramona Vest.  nona thinks yarn is the next best thing to chocolate.

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March 21, 2006

Blank Canvas

After a slow start due to an over-sized gauge swatch, I've completed the knitting portion of my Ramona Vest.  Which leaves me, my friends, with a blank canvas.  A blank canvas calling for a colorful crochet edge, embroidered circles, and perhaps -- just perhaps -- the coordinated knit belt.  Luckily I have the nona-sisters who will alert me -- with a wink and a giggle -- if I fail to pull off the knit belt!  I'm off to my LYS to pick out the colors to fill in this wonderful blank canvas.

This vest may look a tad boring, but just wait...

If you have a moment, please join me while I digress...

First, about the yarn I'm using for this vest -- Rowan's Handknit Cotton.  It's been a while since I've knit with 100% cotton, opting for cotton blends instead.  Let me tell you, the Handknit Cotton is a joy to knit with -- and with its wonderful color selection I'll be knitting with this yarn again so.

Second, about the curling front edges of this vest.  I consider myself an intelligent knitter, savvy to the tricks of the trade.  So tell me why, oh why, the photo of this vest convinced me that the edges of this stockinette stitch vest wouldn't curl!?  Of course their going to curl -- even after steaming.  Before I crochet the front edging I may add a little ribbing to keep the curling at bay.  Any ideas?

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March 12, 2006

Got Gauge?

In my knitting group I have a reputation for being a little over zealous -- okay, obsessed -- with gauge swatches.  "Is that a sleeve?", an innocent knitter will ask.  "No, it's my gauge swatch", I sheepishly reply.  You get the idea.  In my over zealously, I fervently believe there are only 2 rules in knitting -- "Don't Panic" is the first and "You must understand and respect gauge" is the second.  Let's be frank, I have little patience for knitters who complain about unsuccessful projects yet refuse to take gauge and gauge swatches seriously.

Is it a back or a gauge swatch?

I'm not quite sure want happened yesterday as I sat down to start the Ramona Vest from the latest Rowan magazine.  Of course I began with a gauge swatch, but for some mysterious reason only knit 4 rows before confidently pronouncing my gauge to be "perfect".  Without a second thought, the back was casted on and I began to knit and knit and knit.  Toward the end of the evening it occurred to me that the back of my vest looked big. A quick measurement confirmed an over-sized back and an incorrect gauge.  Luckily Rule #1 saved me from useless panic and I quickly decided my back was really an overly large gauge swatch.  After careful measurements, the "swatch" was ripped out and the real back begun.

Let's try that again...

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