July 31, 2006

Summer of the Dabble

nona's enjoying her "Summer of the Dabble", and for this I must thank the creative Ann and Kay for their inspiring Mason Dixon Knitting book.  This book has so many ideas that I just want to dabble in all of them -- from log cabin knitting, to dish towels, to mitered squares.  Why am I so draw to these projects and techniques?  Perhaps it's the endless color and design possibilities along with the refreshing absence of rules.

My mitered square dabble in Rowan's Felted Tweed

One of my knitting buddies taught me how to connect the mitered squares as they're knit.  I'm still trying to get the hang of this technique and will give you more details when -- and if -- I become proficient.

As for the dabbling, I'm going to keep it up for a while.  It's nice to just experiment and play without any goal.  Probably once Fall kicks in and the lazy days of Summer are over, I'll commit to one of these Mason Dixon techniques and make something real, something big.  Hey, I might even decide to combine techniques!

What have you dabbled in this summer?

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July 27, 2006

Dish Towel #2

I'm always humbled when I leaf through the Barbara Walker Treasury series -- it's impossible not to find something beautiful or intriguing.  Last night with the joy of dish towel knitting fresh in my head and left over yarn burning a hole in my knitting bag, I selected a pattern from Barbara's "Second Treasury" -- Two-Color Star Stitch -- and started another dish towel.  Because please, it's impossible to have too many dish towels!

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July 26, 2006

Low Resistance Syndrome

I've recently self diagnosed myself as a sufferer of low resistance syndrome.  It's unknown whether I was born with this pronounced lack of control or whether it can be treated with medicine, an ancient remedy, or therapeutic touch. All I know is that I'm unable to resist a beautiful yarn in a beautiful color.  I'm currently struggling with a bout triggered by a shelf full of Cotton Classic and the siren of the Mason Dixon "Ballband Dishcloth" whispering in my ear.

I don't happen to be a dishcloth kind of person, but I do oh so love the dish towel -- I always have one hanging out of my pocket as I work around the house and have even inadvertently sported one out and about.  A few extra stitches and a few extra rows was all it took to turn the "Ballband Dishcloth" into the "Ballband Dish Towel".

Let's look at the day in the life of a nona dish towel, shall we?

Vacuuming the Living Room 
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