November 03, 2004

Seaming Mohair is a Bitch

Loopymohair_seamingLet me tell you, seaming dark spidery mohair is a bitch.  But if nona can do it, then so can you.  One of the wonderful things about handcrafts such as knitting or software programming - yes programming is a modern day handcraft, but more on that another day - you slowly absorb small skills and tips until you wake up one day and think, "Hey, I'm getting good".  Yet, there is always something new, exciting, and challenging to learn and create.  My motto to those out there who want to learn to knit, but think its beyond them is, "If nonaKnits, then you can too".

Landlshawl_mainBack to the mohair, it all started last year with the Loopy and luscious pattern at  Mine was made with Rowan's Kid Haze and Collinete's Point 5.   I love the contrast of the open, lacey mohair and the depth of color in the Point 5.  The version I made had a slight twist, when knitting the first row of mohair after each Point 5 row I knit into the back of the Point 5 stitch.  This twisted the Point Five loop and kept the loopy stitch under control.  Photo spread of my Loopy and Lucious Shawl.


Loopymohair_mainI loved wearing my Loopy and Luscious shawl so much it occurred to me: "Hey Nona, why not make a Loopy and Luscious sweater".  In general, I try to listen to myself - so I did.  I enjoy structuring my knitting projects to minimize seaming.  For this sweater, I knit the body in the round, used the 3 needle bind off for the shoulders, picked up stitches for the sleeves, and knit the sleeves from the top down.  This left me with only one seam: underarm to cuff.   Well, nona's eyes are not quite what they used to be and I didn't have my reading glasses with me when I seamed those sleeves up.  After a bit of cursing, along with some trial and error, I managed the seams.   Next time, I'll use double pointed needles and knit the sleeves in the round!  Photo spread of my Loopy Mohair sweater.

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