September 25, 2006

Mystery Project

My 13 year old friend, the fiber-enthusiast, is submitting a design to the Winter issue of Knitty -- I have my fingers crossed that it will be accepted!  I was lucky enough to be one of her test knitters and give her pattern a resounding double -- yes, double -- thumbs up!  Not only was is fun, easy, and quick to knit, but the finished item turned out just right.  Now I know, impatient reader, that I'm just being a big tease here since I cannot give you any details or show you any pictures, but I'm just so proud of my friend!  Besides, we all know how difficult it is for nona to keep her mouth shut when she's excited. 

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April 07, 2005

nonaKnits on Knitty

Check out the spring issue of and nona's Tie One On pattern.  nona wonders, how will you Tie One On?

Tie One On - Variations on a Theme

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February 08, 2005

One Last Peek

nona has finished the samples for her Knitty submission.  Now when nona says finished, she means all ends are woven in and we're ready to go.  I just need to write up the pattern -- I sure hope my notes are clear enough -- and shoot a few picturesque, nonaesque pictures.    

One last peek at my Knitty submission samples

And a few hints:

  1. Tie one on
  2. Anyone can wear one -- any size, any age, any style
  3. Anyone can knit one -- beginner, intermediate, advanced
  4. You'll need circular needles.


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February 03, 2005

Yarn Scavenger

nona's a yarn scavenger -- you would be too if you only had 2 rows to go and ran out of yarn.  I'm certainly not going to buy a whole new ball when I only needed about 2 yards.  No, instead I turned to my gauge swatch.  Now nona's a good girl, one who always knits a gauge swatch before starting a project.  Luckily, I had used both the main yarn and the contrasting yarn in my swatch.  I unraveled the top of the swatch and knit the yarn into the real garment.   

When in need, scavenge yarn from your gauge swatch.

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January 31, 2005

Shh, It's a Secret

One of my knitting new year's resolutions was to submit a pattern to  Can you, honest reader, keep a secret?  I cannot give too much away, but I've been knitting my samples for the last few weeks and am almost ready to finalize my pattern and shot some pics.  Submission are due Feb. 15th, but here's a sneak peek:

And a few hints:

  1. It's a variation on a theme, with something for everyone
  2. You can drop stitches if you like
  3. A trapezoid is involved -- nona loves math, so she had to throw in a word like "trapezoid"
  4. You'll decrease often and increase never

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