April 09, 2007

11 Ripples

My daily -- almost daily -- ripple is turning out to be a treat.  Each morning I lay out my ripple blanket with the yarn for the next color.  If my day is going smoothly and I've been a good girl I sneak in 20-30 minutes to crochet the next ripple.  Mindless and satisfying.  I've decided to go for a beachy palette -- blues, greens, yellows, tans -- with a hit of 1950s color. 

11 Ripples Complete

For more ripple fun, check out The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along.  Not up for an entire blanket?  Why not ripple a scarf like Kim's?

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March 28, 2007

Confidential, Top Secret

alt_hereConfidential.  Top Secret.  I'm only going to tell you -- yes you -- so you're on your honor to keep it under raps.  I've secretly started my own Ripple blanket.  I know, I know I was only going to swatch a few ripples, but the lure of the Ripple Siren was too much for my weak constitution.  To maintain my sanity and the sanity of those around me, I've limited myself to one ripple per day.  Remember this is top secret and you did not hear it from me.  This post will self destruct in 5 seconds -- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

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January 03, 2007

An Outfit?

Although nona harbors dreams of being hip, I'm really best described as sporty.  One disadvantage -- fashionably speaking -- of residing on the sporty side of the spectrum is a pronounced lack of "outfits".  Tops, pants, skirts, sweaters, and shoes?  I've got plenty.  Coordinated outfits?  Not so many.  You can imagine the thrilled I experienced -- remember, I'm sporty -- when I finished my crocheted corkscrew scarf and found it was a spot on match for my purple top and orange cardigan.  Put them all together and what do you get?  An outfit!

Still not hip, but at least I'm coordinated and accessorized.

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October 09, 2006

Half Way Point

It's official, I've crocheted half of the squares for my Boho Blocks Cardigan.  To be more precise, I'm over the half way point with 54 squares down and 52 to go -- that's 50.94% finished for my fellow math lovers.

Each square starts at the center and works outward in 5 rounds.  I absolutely love how each round has its own rhythm, with the rhythm of the rounds all complimenting each other.  This rhythm is in my hands and naturally transitions itself from round to round, reminding me of playing a piano Sonata. 

The green squares will go on top, the pink around the waist, and the brown on the bottom.

With 54 squares finished, it's time to start putting them together!

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September 27, 2006

Exploring Crochet

nona has officially graduated from crochet novice to crochet advanced beginner all thanks to Valentina Devine's Boho Blocks Cardigan from Fall 2006 Interweave Crochet and to my inspiring and impulsive knitting -- or should I say crocheting -- friend.  At last count, there are 4 of us at my LYS making this goodie, all of us out of Koigu.

At first I didn't commit to the project, opting instead for "I'll try a few squares and see".  1 square quickly turned into 5 squares then into 20 squares, at which point I succumbed to the inevitable -- I'm going for it, 94 squares sister!  Please don't tell me I'm nuts -- nona's self aware, thank you.

25 down, 69 to go

Here are a few reasons why I'm enjoying crochet:

  1. It's oh-so easy to weave your ends in.
  2. I love the rhythm of my hands when crocheting
  3. Ripping back and restarting are easy
  4. With just 1 live loop, it's easy to put down and pick up
  5. Seaming is not seaming, it's just more crochet

What about you?

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