August 25, 2005

Hang The Knitting

alt_here During my vacation journeys I was lucky enough to spend a morning with nona-friend-the-oldest.  In her home, a Japanese noren graced the doorway of each bedroom.  If you've never seen a noren, they are patterned or embroidered fabric, which are hung from the top of a doorway  -- providing both privacy and an invitaion to enter. 

Now my friends, why don't we knitters create more things to hang?  Think what beautiful hangings we could make for the wall, the window, or the doorway.  Think of the light shining through and the texture to display!  I'm inspired to knit a noren.  Are you inspired to knit something to hang? 

While on the topic of Japan, is anyone else hooked on the Sudoku puzzles?

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