May 22, 2006

The Ultimate

When watching TV, do you and your loved ones squabble over the lights?  In the nona-household I want them on -- a girl's got to knit -- and the rest of the gang wants them off -- too much glare they grumble.   I'm a bit hard headed, so needless to say the lights stayed on -- stayed on that is until nona-son-the-younger gave me the ultimate present.  Drum roll please, a head light on a head band.  This gem of a gadget projects a sharp, adjustable beam perfect for knitting in the dark.  I suppose it's intended to be used when camping or spelunking, but it solves our TV dilemma.  The mob is once again satisfied and harmony restored.  Knit On...

The ultimate knitting accoutrement available at your local camping store.

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December 30, 2004

Show Your Knitting Some Respect

Knitting brings us so much joy and happiness, yet we often treat our knitting projects like garbage.  nona has seen far too many knitters toting beautiful projects around in worn, plastic shopping bags.  Please, show your knitting some respect!

Maggie Righetti sums up my sentiments beautifully in her book, Knitting in Plain English:

Since you have decided to make knitting your bag, you will have to have a real bag to keep your knitting in.  I mean it -- a good-looking one.  I have a personal thing about people who carry their work around in a worn-out grocery bag as if they were looking for the nearest trash can to dump the garbage.

There are plenty of beautiful and fun bags and baskets out there -- find something that fits your style.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Offhand Designs - I met this gal at Stitches West last year and bought a bag on the spot. nona is nothing if not impulsive.   Her bags are all handmade from fabulous fabrics, many of them vintage.

  • Viv Pickle - This site lets you design your own bag.  Pick a shape, pick a fabric, and they'll custom make your bag!  A friend was walking down the street in Philly and was draw into the shop by its beautiful fabrics - she could not resist Viv Pickle

  • Jordana Paige - Jordana is a young, entrepreneurial woman who has designed a beautiful and functional knitting purse.

  • Timbuk2 - I love the bright colors of the Timbuk2 bags.  They have all kinks, from messenger bags to tote bags

The next time nona sees you, she'll be looking at your bag!

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