Nesting Socks Photo Spread

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The finished socks after felting. The felted socks make passable slipper socks. I suppose the moral of the story is: if first you don't succeed, felt. The next pair of socks will definately be made with finer yarn.

Kathmandu Aran Tweed and Llama Seta

Sock top -- K2, P2 ribbing -- on its way. The second knit stitch in the rib did not want to hold its shape, for the second sock I had to knit tbl to twist the beast and keep it in place.

Socks finished. They turned out terribly and had to be demoted to slipper socks. The fabric turned out too bulky and saggy. The treedy yarn knit up stiff and the heel does not hold its shape or stay up. Yuck!

Partial solution to the problem, felt the darn things. After felting, the treedy yarn was much softer and the socks are not as saggy and baggy.

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