The Grand Experiment Photo Spread

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The socks are done and ready for the wearing portion of the experiment. Which will fit best? Which will be most comfortable?

Julia by Goddess Yarn in "Blue Thyme" and "Espresso". 5 sts to the inch makes for a quick pair of socks. To show my impartiality, the socks will be knit at the same time.

The Grand Experiment is under way. The Eastern Sock (left) is knit from toe to cuff and the Classic Sock (right) is knit from cuff to toe.

To the heels, now the fun begins

This looks more painful than it is!

The socks are done - Classic on the left and Eastern on the right. Both were fun to knit.

The Classic Sock was knit from cuff to toe. The heel was shaped by working a heel flag, turning the heel, picking up stitches, and then shaping the gusset. The toe is a "Wedge Toe".

The Eastern Sock was knit from toe to cuff. Both the heel and the toe were shaped using short rows.

Socks in action, ready to be worn.

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