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October 29, 2007

An Old Favorite

Today was the first cozy sweater day of the season -- overcast with a bit of rain, chilly but not cold, and a bit of breeze here & there.  Time to pull out the wool sweaters and to put on one of my absolute favorites.

If memory serves me -- which it doesn't always these days -- I finished this sweater at the turn of the century.  Sounds longer than 8 years ago, doesn't it!  It's the "St Brigid" sweater (sans fringe) from Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting.  I love wearing this sweater almost as much as I loved knitting it.

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sigh. that is one spectacular sweater. maybe someday I'll find a copy of that book for under $200 :-)

Posted by: Teyani | Oct 29, 2007 9:58:19 PM

Hey, that's my favorite, too! And I left off the fringe as well.

Posted by: Tan | Oct 29, 2007 10:12:11 PM

St. Brigid it timeless! Love the color.

Posted by: margene | Oct 30, 2007 4:53:38 AM

Very nice!!!! Pretty color, too.

Posted by: Arleta | Oct 30, 2007 5:57:00 AM

As a special fan of St. Brigid, I have always loved that one and wanted to make it--just not much call for it in Texas, sigh. And, like the earlier commenter, I managed to not buy that one, and now I can't get it. WHY??? I got all the other ones she did in the 90s!

Posted by: Suna | Oct 30, 2007 7:48:20 AM

Oh, that looks so lovely and warm!

Posted by: Liz | Oct 30, 2007 8:19:30 AM

Nona, Saint Brigid is one of my favorite Starmore designs, and one of these days it will hit the top of my queue of "projects to start next".

Posted by: Gretchen | Oct 30, 2007 9:01:51 AM

This one is on my to do list. It's too nice a pattern to pass up.

Posted by: LaurieM | Oct 30, 2007 9:29:49 AM

oooohhh that looks nice and cozy! looks like a really fun knit too - lots of fun cables! of course, I can see myself crossing them the wrong way every 5 minutes, but that's a different story... ;) welcome back to blogland btw, and hope you feel all the way better soon!

Posted by: Meg | Oct 30, 2007 9:38:49 AM

Beautiful! I just love how well-done hand knits stand the test of time in both style and wear.

Posted by: Brenda | Oct 30, 2007 11:48:31 AM

Beautiful sweater! I love pulling them out of the closet when the season starts - just like finding old friends.

Posted by: brenda | Oct 30, 2007 3:51:39 PM

glad that you're back Nona - I look forward to your fall projects!

Posted by: Ruthanne (in Seattle) | Oct 30, 2007 3:54:13 PM

Nona, I had forced myself to stop checking your site every day, and I am SO glad to see that you are back!!! I checked every day until about a week ago. I have been pulling out my cozy 'old friends' andn it's a wonderful feeling.

Posted by: Jane | Oct 30, 2007 4:40:11 PM

oh wow it looks great! and good timing -- i just finished my st brigid!

Posted by: jody | Oct 31, 2007 9:22:13 AM

As Jane said on the 30th, I, too, had been applying the watched-pot-never-boils strategy of not looking for you every time I blog-read, hoping you might reappear that much sooner. Just last week, while you were "away," I followed your brilliant instructions for swatching the three short row techniques and realized how much I missed you and your perspective on all things knitted. Nona, welcome back!

Posted by: Ann R. | Nov 1, 2007 3:38:03 PM

I love your St Brigid! I have gotten a copy of that pattern from a library book, and fully intend on making my own! I like the way it looks sans fringe...great color, too!

Posted by: Aim | Nov 25, 2007 7:41:21 PM

oh how i wish i could knit as well as you. i am still learning. I guess i got a long way to go.

Posted by: knitting | Apr 23, 2008 4:58:58 PM

This is just beautiful!

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