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July 17, 2007

Stitch Markers

I saw these at Harlem Purls's Etsy store and couldn't resist buying them.  Take a close look, closer, closer -- see!  They're Sidewinders stitch markers.  I'm especially happy with the thin wire Chante used for the loop and think these markers will be perfect for the socks.  I cannot wait to cast on my next pair and give them a test drive.  Thank goodness I'm going on an East Bay yarn crawl on Thursday, 'cause I'm in the market for more sock yarn.

Sidewinders Stitch Markers!
Handcrafted by Harlem Purls

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Squeeee! Those are perfect - such a cool idea!

Posted by: becky c. | Jul 18, 2007 7:40:13 AM

I got a set, woo hoo! They will help me overcome my Sidewinder SSS.

Posted by: Annie | Jul 18, 2007 8:12:57 AM

if you go to article pract, the panda wool sock yarn is 20% off. :o)heehee!
and you can't resist the Nature's Palette and the Trekking and the LL and the KPPPM and ...so much more!!!
:o) can't wait to see what you get! and LOVE those stitchmarkers!

Posted by: kimchi | Jul 18, 2007 9:47:18 AM

Hey Nona, how did your embossed leaves socks turn out? I just saw your comment about on my blog!

Posted by: Jackie | Jul 18, 2007 10:47:29 AM

I want those markers!!

Before you take off on your East Bay crawl... please note that both yarn shops in Alameda are closed.
Also the shop in San Leandro is closed as well (she's moving her shop to Alameda but hasn't done it yet.)

Not sure if you were even headed over that way, but just in case.

Posted by: Margo | Jul 18, 2007 12:04:38 PM

Way cool!

Posted by: Mary | Jul 18, 2007 9:26:28 PM

Nona, I'm backtracking a bit, to your wonderful post about raising your two boys. It's not over, not by a long shot, just in case you thought your child-rearing days would be over when they're both off to college. We mums retain the fun parts, like care packages, Parents Weekend (in your case, at the same campus so you don't have to be two places at the same time) and holiday vacations while shedding the onerous parts like piles of laundry and waiting awake for the car to come in way past curfew. But I bet you know this already!

Posted by: Mary K. IN Rockport | Jul 19, 2007 6:13:34 AM

How cool!

Posted by: Romi | Jul 19, 2007 8:40:43 PM

ooh, I'm still on my South Bay yarn crawl and have only recently made it to Yarn Dog in Los Gatos (lovely). Have a blast! I've always wanted to visit Article Pract.

Posted by: Juls | Jul 21, 2007 8:51:08 AM

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