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December 10, 2006

Telling Time

There will come a day when you return home to find your husband with a wad of toilet paper wrapped around his thumb embarrassingly wiping blood off the kitchen counter.  What's a girl to do?  Replace the T.P. with a Kotex pad, grab a knitting project, and hustle the man off to the ER.   A mere 3 crocheted squares and 11 stitches later-- squares for me, stitches for him -- we were good to go.

My knitting -- and crocheting -- have begun to replace time.  How long were we at the ER?  3 crochet squares.  A traffic jam?  10 rows.  A high school basketball game?  Half a sock -- or just a toe if it's really exciting.  A cross country plane flight?  Half a baby sweater.

Did someone say half a baby sweater?  nona just happens to be halfway through the EZ baby sweater from Knitter's Almanac -- pop over to Carrie for an example of this classic.  I'm working the yoke and garter edging in Koigu and the lace pattern in Rowan 4-ply.  Hold on honey, I'll be there in 5 more rows

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Oh, love your use of two different yarns here-the koigu yoke looks gorgeous next to the 4ply.

Posted by: brooke | Dec 10, 2006 6:00:04 PM

the Beduins in the desert, used to measure distance by the amount of cigarettes smoked till they got to where they needed to go...

Posted by: hPNY knits | Dec 10, 2006 6:59:13 PM

Love the combinations of the two yarns. It's so pretty.

Posted by: Liz | Dec 10, 2006 7:33:34 PM

It's like I'm three papers to grade and a load of laundry away from bed?

Posted by: stefaneener | Dec 10, 2006 8:13:42 PM

Lovely cardi, Nona! I'd love to knit one for my little Peanut, but I think that as written it's meant for a newborn. Does that jive with the size you're getting? I'll have to re-read the recipe to see how I can make it work to fit a 6-9 month old noggin.

Posted by: Karma | Dec 10, 2006 10:52:11 PM

That sweater is really pretty. Can't wait to see it finished!

Posted by: Julie | Dec 11, 2006 3:01:31 AM

Ooh, hope your hubby'll heal fast!

The sweater is so cute! I tell time the same way you do. How long did I wait? Two rounds on the baby blanket. hehe

Posted by: Arleta | Dec 11, 2006 5:35:04 AM

Agreed, I hope your husband is OK! What did he do to himself?

I love that combination of yarns. What a great idea to knit the yoke and cuffs in a contrast.

Posted by: HeatherKnits | Dec 11, 2006 7:33:54 AM

That sweater is beautiful.

Here comes the shameless part...I don't know who the intended recipient is, but I know a future someone (let's call her "Dextina") who would probably love it!

Posted by: Nona sister "oops" | Dec 11, 2006 9:41:54 AM

I TOTALLY get your system of measuring time.

Almost like preparing my suitcase before the birth of each of my babies, making sure my bag is loaded with wallet, medical info PDA and something that I'm knitting has to happen before I hop into bed at night. Then there's the project bag that's always in the car (as a back up plan) AND the project that says in my locker at my health club so I have something to work on after I finish playing racquetball!

Over the years I've completed various during a son's basketball season (knitting only during halftimes and timeouts) and at baseball tournaments (between games). Today it's working on something while keeping an eye on a sick dog.

Your sweater is adorable and hope your man is ok. Such a fun blog!

Posted by: Katie | Dec 11, 2006 12:16:17 PM

The nona-hubby is healing quite well, thanks. He had just finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher and begun to hand dry a piece of crystal by running the dish towel around the rim. As for what happened next, don't ask! But since then I've come across several people who have had similar accidents. The real issue isn't my thumb; it's the golden retriever hair all over the house. Funny, over the years I've thought that stuff took care of itself! The nona-sons and I are having a lottery to see who vacuums the house one hour before nona returns. But it better be soon because it looks like we had snowfall inside the house.

Posted by: nona hubby | Dec 12, 2006 2:44:40 PM

This sweater is so adorable! I guess I have to get my copy of the knitter's almanac out of the book shelve ;-)

Posted by: Petra | Dec 30, 2006 2:56:09 AM

Hi Nona!

Your entry on EZ's baby sweater was inspiration for me and I knit one. [See it at http://charisa-martin.livejournal.com/#entry_9806].

However, it looks like your yoke is deeper than EZ's. Is it? And, if so, did you keep increasing and make the yoke larger, or did you stop increasing at the place EZ recommends, and just knit the garter yoke a bit deeper?

Thanks for your ongoing inspiration!

Posted by: Charisa | Jan 7, 2007 9:44:34 AM

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