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September 06, 2006

Empirical Evidence

It's a well documented fact that nona is an avid sock knitter who is extremely happy sitting on her ass watching tennis and knitting.  This is no speculative claim, scientific reader, as I have empirical evidence as proof.  Just look at the Hydrangea sock I've been knitting while watching the U.S. Open...

The hydrangea photo is so beautiful, I keep it next to me when I knit

The leg of this sock is worked in a simple 2 round lace pattern that spirals around and around -- very cleaver and hypnotic.  I'm through the gusset -- don't you love that word -- and am racing toward the toe.  If it weren't for last night's U.S. Open rain-out, I'd be there -- the toe -- by now.  I sure hope it clears today, 'cause my ass needs some sittin' and my sock needs some knittin'.

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Love the sock - the color and the pattern are both GREAT! I, too, could sit on my ass all damn day and knit (socks, sweaters, anything at all).

Posted by: Julie | Sep 6, 2006 9:14:46 AM

Well it's a good thing that butts were made for sittin' =)*) or knitters everywhere would be in serious trouble!

Lovely lace spirals! I love simple pattern repeats that break up the monotony but are still fun.

Posted by: April | Sep 6, 2006 9:58:02 AM

Gorgeous sock. I love to sit on my ass and knit, too! Especially socks.

Posted by: Arleta | Sep 6, 2006 10:02:11 AM

That is beautiful yarn! What kind and color is it?

Posted by: Sunny | Sep 6, 2006 10:27:11 AM

So glad you are liking the sock pattern! I hope the US Open isn't rained out today. I was looking forward to spending a bit of time on my ass last night and the weather really put a damper on the whole plan.

Posted by: Sundara | Sep 6, 2006 1:46:46 PM

its looking lovely. I can't wait to start mine!

Posted by: hPNY knits | Sep 6, 2006 3:41:55 PM

Nice to see you're posting something more than your stash. The socks are gorgeous! Where did you find that pattern?

Posted by: Andrea | Sep 6, 2006 5:21:25 PM

I'd love the source on that sock pattern, also. Very lovely colorway, well worth it's name.

Posted by: Karla (threadbndr) | Sep 6, 2006 8:06:11 PM

Hi Nona,
I'm an assistant editor at Lark Books. We are publishing a knitting book, and after looking around on your site, I'd love for you to submit a project for consideration. Could you email me at squinn@larkbooks.com, and I'll give you more details. Thanks! Shannon

Posted by: Shannon | Sep 14, 2006 7:16:24 AM

Would love to see these socks finished! This one just just gorgeous!

Posted by: Anastasia | Sep 19, 2006 10:16:55 PM

I'm interested in the pattern, too. Is it available?

Posted by: Lori | Sep 25, 2006 10:41:42 AM

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