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May 31, 2006

Recess Time

The Quilts of Gee's Bend sits on my coffee table.  Over the years I've casually flipped through the book's colorful pages taking furtive glances as the quilts, but have never taken the time to study the quilts or read the text.  This silly behavior came to a halt last week and I've immersed myself in this fabulous book every since.  How can something go relatively unnoticed for so long and then suddenly become the focus of your attention -- us humans are a strange bunch.  Perhaps it was the vibrant knit log cabin blankets in the new Mason Dixon book -- another must have.  Or the news that the Gee's Bend Quilts are coming the San Francisco.  Whatever the reason, I've been dreaming about these quilts.

So, my partners in crime, what does any knitter worth her salt do when confronted with a new infatuation?  She knits it of course!  In the spirit of improvisation, I've decided to play with the log cabin construction -- no plans, no designs, no expectations -- just play.

You didn't expect the lines be straight did you?

I think I'll be playing for a few more days...

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That is so much fun. I love it.
I just put the Gee's Bend book on hold at the library a few days ago. It must be in the water.

Posted by: Jessica | May 31, 2006 10:29:24 PM

Okay now you see where a little inspiration can lead you down a GOOD path. Once upon a time, I tried some freeform knitting with short rows and man, was it fun. But man, was the blob o' acrylic from the thrift store useless. I finally chucked it in preparation for a second move, I think. Now then, had I been thinking "quilt" and "cool contrasting colors"--in other words, putting some restrictions on the project, giving it some form, well what a cool square you made! Thanks for the renewed inspiration.

Posted by: Daphne | May 31, 2006 11:13:46 PM

How'd you do that? The wonkiness, I mean. Very cool.

Posted by: Jane | Jun 1, 2006 3:51:40 AM

I see you've found my latest obsession.... I have both Gee's Bend books (they're basically the same - I didn't know that at the time) and they've become my bible of sorts.

Did you add short rows to get the uneven lines? I've been mulling that over and over in my head.

Posted by: Cara | Jun 1, 2006 5:30:28 AM

when/where are the gee's bend quilts coming to san francisco? i'd love to get a chance to see them!!!

Nice log cabin block by the way!

Posted by: Jessie | Jun 1, 2006 7:46:33 AM

I love your playing around. It's so much fun to step out of the box.

The Mason Dixon book really got me looking at the quilts in my home in a different light. All of my quilts were made by family members. Pretty neat.

Posted by: Susan | Jun 1, 2006 10:44:43 AM

Gorgeous and inspirational! I love it. Keep going.

Posted by: Christina | Jun 1, 2006 9:50:23 PM

Your inspired pattern is so cool! I get these bouts too - like yesterday, I sat down with triangle trigonometry and arrived at formulas for knitting - to be able to create the perfect equilateral or isosceles triangles (any size) given any gauge. I then had enough time to make one equilateral triangle using one of the formulas. Knitting Lab is a fun place indeed!

Posted by: Deepa | Jun 1, 2006 10:46:20 PM

I saw the Gee's Bend Quilt exhibit in Milwaukee. It's amazing. Love how you're interpreting the style and colors.

Posted by: Linda | Jun 3, 2006 9:55:11 AM

Hmmm, I've recently discovered short rows and I love what you've done with that square. Suddenly the acrylic yarn that I started with doesn't seem so far down the "love that yarn" chain.

Posted by: Shelly H | Jun 3, 2006 4:22:17 PM

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