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November 14, 2005

Peaceful Palms Weekly #4

What fun it's been following everyone's Peaceful Palms progress.  To date, the most popular glove patterns seem to be Hooray For Me Gloves and Broad Street Mittens.  Several of you have been adventurous and are knitting cabled or lace gloves, while others are designing their own gloves.  For many of us, these are our first pair of gloves and we're learning a lot.  What Peaceful Palms news do you have?

Congratulations to this week's Peaceful Palms finishers:

  • Bekki finished her Broad Street mittens and has artfully hidden them behind a delicious looking pumpkin pie!
  • Gale finished her Laced Up Fingerless Gloves from AlterKnits and confesses that she may have knit them just so she could buy some beautiful ribbon for the laces!  Be sure to check out her nature inspired photos.
  • Janina finished her Natalya gauntlets and has enjoyed wearing them.  She learned several new things while knitting these gloves including, "how to drop down stitches to fix a mistake rather than ripping back, a very valuable thing to know indeed."
  • Janine knit a beautiful pair of lace gloves from A Gathering of Lace and plans to knit a matching scarf.  I admire Janine for tackling lace gloves for her first pair of gloves.  Over the weekend, she also finished a pair of Broad Street Mittens -- aka Riggng Gloves -- for her husband.
  • Joy knit the Eowyn wrist warmers from Rowan 38, which turned out really well!
  • Kristin finished her pair of Mac & Me fingerless gloves.  The yarn she used looks so soft and subtle that the gloves are screaming "wear me, wear me"!
  • Melissa F. also finished a pair of Lace Up Fingerless Gloves from Alterknits.  This was Melissa's first pair of gloves and they turned out really well!
  • Teresa knit a fun pair of Hooray For Me Gloves in self striping yarn. 

Other knit along action includes:

  • Agnes has started her Vanalinn Gloves from A Gathering of Lace.  She's also recently finished the most amazing sweater!
  • Becky is making the Cigar Gloves for her husband.  Since this is her first foray into glove knitting, she's knitting a test glove to get the kinks out -- in our house we call this "the tester pancake".
  • Carola is knitting a tipless variation on the i-cord gloves -- very creative!
  • Dena connected the i-cord fingers of her gloves, only to discover the fingers were too long.  She plans to rip back and shorten the fingers.
  • Julia is knitting the most stunning pair of fair isle gloves.  She's also put together a photo album with her progress pictures -- check it out.
  • Kathy's palm is looking more peaceful already in her partial Hooray For Me Glove.
  • Kim is experiencing a bit of 2nd glove/sock syndrome, having finished one of each.
  • Lynn F. has caught the finger fever and has been having fun experimenting with the i-cord fingers.
  • Lynn P.  finished her first fingerless glove using the Potluck Wool Mittenettes pattern.  She knit the glove on 2 circular needles using fishermans wool she dyed with Koolaid.
  • Margene is 2 fingers shy of finishing her Grrlfriend Gloves.
  • Renata finished her first Broad Street mitten.  She's updated the pattern by adding a star.  You can find her star chart here.

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Yeah, this will be my first pair of real gloves ... with full fingers! I am now at the left ring finger ... love knitting small stuff like socks and gloves ... full of amazing twists and turns!

Posted by: Agnes | Nov 14, 2005 10:52:19 PM

Woo-hoo! I finished my very first glove :-) Almost up to the end of the thumb gusset on number two as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Nona.

Posted by: Kathy | Nov 15, 2005 12:20:38 AM

Hey, I have a pair of socks started that are too small so I'm turning them into another pair of tipless gloves albeit with a variety of patterns!! Can I use them as my second pair of Peaceful Palms???? Or is that cheating???

Posted by: Kelly | Nov 15, 2005 8:56:56 AM

nona here: In response to Kelly's comment, you can make as many Peaceful Palms gloves as you want. For those who make more than one pair, I'll add extra links next to your name in the knit along list. Glove On!

Posted by: nona | Nov 15, 2005 9:26:38 AM

Hello! I'd like to join! I just finished knitting my FIL some self-designed tipless gloves (here they are: http://staralee.blogspot.com/2005/11/guilt-and-justification.html) and will be knitting some for my mom for Christmas. Your links have been super helpful-Thanks!

Posted by: Tara | Nov 28, 2005 12:40:06 PM

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