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October 24, 2005

Who's Got Peaceful Palms?

Here we go with the first weekly Peaceful Palms Knit Along update.  The first order of business is always who's finished their gloves:

  • Carla not only finished a pair of "inside out gloves" from Knitters Winter 1992 called Gloves for Rosie, she's also knit 2 pairs of fingerless gloves.  Carla is on a roll. 
  • Heather finished a wonderful pair of fingerless gloves.  I love the shaping of the thumb gussets!
  • Jillian made a beautiful variation of the Lace-Up Fingerless Gloves from the new book, Alterknits.
  • Kathy B. made her teenage son very happy with a pair of hand knit, fingerless gloves.
  • I, nona, finished my first pair of gloves and have plans to make a second pair using the i-cord finger technique.
  • Tracy created a beautiful pair of fingerless gloves knit from her own hand spun yarn.  She added a few embroidered details to pull the gloves together.  Tracy was the first knit alonger to finish -- she wanted to finish before she headed out for vacation!

FYI:  Once you've finished your gloves, you'll name will turn from brown to blue in the knit along list.  In most cases, clicking the blue name will link you a photo and blog posting on the finished gloves.

In other knit along news:

  • Bernadette is making Hooray for Me Gloves and is well on her way.
  • Beth -- after struggling a bit with mitten top shaping and cables -- finished her first mitten and has started the 2nd.  Check out her beautiful cables!
  • Carina has started these fingerless gloves.
  • Carola (scroll down) has pulled a partial Norwegian mitten out of her UFO pile and is inspired to finish them for the knit along.
  • Deb (scroll down) has almost finished her i-cord fingered gloves knit with her own hand spun yarn -- she just needs to weave in her ends.
  • Dena compiled a listing of glove and mitten patterns she's considering for the knit along.
  • Kelly is knitting Hooray For Me Gloves for her husband.  She's knitting both at the same time and is up to the thumb gusset -- check them out here -- and now to the fingers -- more here.
  • Kim "found confidence in the palm of a glove", successfully tackling her first knit glove!
  • Kris plans to knit a pair of long, fingerless gloves inspired by a pair in a portrait.
  • Margene plans to knit the "Merkje's Glove" from Nancy Bush's book, "Folk Knitting in Estonia".
  • Regina's (scroll down) fingerless mitts are almost finished!
  • Sharon is knitting a sparkling pair of "glittens".
  • Springy is almost up to the thumb gusset of her fingerless gloves from "Weekend Knitting".

Is it starting to get cold where you live?  Thinking about knitting something warm for your hands?  If so, it's not too late to join the Peaceful Palms Knit Along.  If you're interested in knitting mittens, you may want to join Sandy's Warm Hands mitten knit along.

Do you have any Peaceful Palms news to report?

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And I haven't even started. Must get through Socktober first;-)

Posted by: margene | Oct 25, 2005 8:44:55 AM

Well I've found my pattern and I've got the wool ready for swatching, Now I'm just waiting for my new swift so that I can wind the ball of yarn :-)
(that's my excuse, the real problem is finding time to fit then into my already busy schedule)

Posted by: Janine | Oct 25, 2005 9:24:50 AM


Thanks for the mention! Unfortunately, you have my name linked to the wrong blog! URL is http://knitvixen.blogspot.com

Gloves are inching along. Literally. I have three inches of one done. Somehow, I doubt I'll finish this...

Posted by: Kris | Oct 25, 2005 11:37:52 AM

I'd like to join too. I want to make gloves from my sock yarn scraps.

Posted by: Jessica | Oct 25, 2005 1:33:59 PM

Time for me to pick out a pattern and start, especially since I'll be moving to a chillier area soon :-)

Posted by: Kathy | Oct 25, 2005 5:27:11 PM

Okay, I finished mine. All those many ends are woven in! I don't mind weaving in ends THAT much, but trying to graft the between-finger stitches, which have been waiting on yarn while knitting the rest of the glove, drove me a little crazy. It was too much like mending. And, trying to find the stitches which have hidden in the holding yarn?? Argh. If I do this again, I'm going to put those two middle stitches on safety pins so I can find them again! As soon as Typepad is back up (or, well, it's almost bedtime--tomorrow) I'll get a picture on my blog!

Posted by: --Deb | Oct 25, 2005 7:42:19 PM

I've changed my site to www.thegivingflower.de -sorry about that. I should be posting a picture of my gloves soon.

Posted by: Kimberly | Oct 25, 2005 10:40:00 PM

The power of the peaceful palms is too strong. MUST join now.

Posted by: amanda | Oct 26, 2005 8:27:41 AM

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