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July 04, 2005

nonaKnits in LA

So much to blog about -- LA knitting scene, NBaT knit along, Wimbledon sock exchange, TiVoli T-shirt progress, 3rd installment of the Spiral Sock pattern -- anyone in suspense?  nona asks herself, "could there really be this much knitting news in one person's life?"  Yes!  That is, if you're an avid knitter who's been without an Internet connection for the past 5 days -- ouch!  It may take a few days to catch up, but first things first -- the LA knitting scene.

I want to thank all the commenters who suggested LA knitting stores.  I hit a few on this trip and look forward to visiting many of the others on future visits -- I'll be back in the middle of August to drop the nona-boy off at college.  When visiting out-of-town knit stores I look forward to seeing things -- i.e. yarn -- I've never seen before and to getting a taste of local life through knit-colored glasses.  The 3 stores I visited -- Suss Designs, Knit Cafe, and Jennifer Knits -- all offered an interesting selection of yarn, in hip, friendly setups.   Here's the skinny...

Suss Designs mixes ready to wear knits with knitting supplies in an airy, urban store.  What drew me to this store was the wonderful selection of self-labeled yarns -- interesting fibers and beautiful colors -- Yum!  Restraint was the word of the day -- buy yarn for just one project, come on you can do it.  After much thought and touching, I bought two yarns I'll use to make a casual, everyday, throw on, summer sweater.  Suss Crystal is a Cotton / Viscose mix and Suss Twisted is a slub cotton.  I'm thinking the cotton/viscose for deep ribbing and the slub cotton for the body of the sweater.  Needless to say, the yarn needed its own basket to be properly respected.

Knit Cafe carried a nice, but fairly standard, selection of yarn.  What I loved about this store was its decor and friendly, inviting aura.  The store is painted in bright colors and displays its yarn in fun cases and shelves.  Although I didn't buy anything I could see myself as a regular if I lived in LA -- I would defiantly plop my butt down for a nice knit and chat, often.

Jennifer Knits was a kick.  This store was in a whirl wind, preparing for their up coming sale.  This small store was teaming with people -- some shopping, some knitting, and some trying to organize their yarn for the sale.  Think beautiful yarn all over the floor and lots of chit-chatting.  The atmosphere was very friendly and helpful.  One of the gals pointed me in the direction of the new Sally Dallas book, which I bought along with some yarn to make the slippers and -- of course -- another interesting knitting bag.  In nona's opinion, you can never have enough bags -- I'm not quite sure why, but I'm sure it's true.  If you visit Jennifer's be warned, the 1 hour parking meters are really only 1 hour meters, even if you add more quarters -- I found out the $35 hard way.

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Jennifer Knits is having a sale?? I was trying to at least knit up some of the yarn I have recently bought before getting more. But I'll make an exception just this once!

Posted by: jillian neary | Jul 4, 2005 9:01:01 PM

I can't wait to hear about all the other knitting news in Nona's life! I'm in suspense!!

I'm with you on the can't have too many bags philosophy. It's a good one.

Have you caught up on Wimbledon? Did you see the women's final? Or the Venus/Sharapova match? What a Championship!

Posted by: Purly Whites | Jul 5, 2005 9:22:17 AM

I've heard of Jennifer Knits ... seems to be a must-go place!
There are a lot of Tivoli Tee around these days ... go to Kathy's gallery and you'll see. Hope to see yours soon!

Posted by: Agnes | Jul 5, 2005 12:30:27 PM

Welcome back Nona. You were missed! I wish my LYs' encouraged drop in knit and chat . They seem to like folks to come in and buy or take classes. :( No comfy knit chairs or anything. I think I'm going to have to organize a knit drop in somewhere.......any ideas? COffee shops seem like good candidates.

Posted by: kathy b | Jul 5, 2005 12:43:17 PM

Welcome Home Non!

I missed you!

Have to say the shops you visited sounded so nice. Our LYS' in the area, do not have space to offer sit and knit options. THey seem to be stop and shop or take lessons only locations. Now rents are high here, but I can't imagine they are any more that in CA.

SO I think I may have to start a drop in knit place myself. I feel the call. Do coffee shops welcome groups? I'd think so. Any other ideas?

Posted by: kathy b | Jul 5, 2005 12:47:30 PM

how much fun can you handle?! did you meet mary heather of rainday at the knit cafe?

Posted by: anna | Jul 5, 2005 3:06:01 PM

Oh, wow, I'm just catching up on Bloglines, and didn't know you stopped by Knit Cafe! Wish I had officially met you in person- I was bringing my NBaT to work for a while, I would have loved to show you... but I suppose Nona is the secretive type. Glad you had a nice trip!

Posted by: Mary-Heather | Jul 11, 2005 4:50:05 PM

Oh, but if you went over 4th of July weekend, I was on vacation. Maybe next time!

Posted by: Mary-Heather | Jul 11, 2005 4:53:01 PM

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