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July 11, 2005

NBaT Update

The last few weeks have seen the NBaT knit along come full circle.  While more and more of you knit alongers are finishing you t-shirts, there are also several new knit alongers just starting in on the fun.  Here's the action I've seen recently:

Alana's NBaT is nearly complete, all done except for the embroidery she plans to add.

Carina has finished her "Dream" t-shirt, the first sweater she's knit in 15 years. Unfortunately the weather is too hot to even think about wearing knits -- hopefully it will cool down soon!

Deb is not only new to the knit along, but her NBaT is finished already!

Dena is also new to the knit along and is in the midst of sorting out her Calmer gauge -- it can be tricky yarn to gauge!

Leica has both sleeves and the back completed, now onto the front.

Linda's NBaT features a creative "yarn tattoo" honoring her dear hubby.

Lisette and her friend Stephanie are both new to the knit along.  On a lark, they decided to knit their NBaTs on a recent trip to Tahoe -- luckily the local yarn store had the yarn and an Internet connection to print the pattern.  Stephanie is a little behind her friend Lisette due to some wine sipping and subsequent ripping -- what nona calls a knitting hangover!

Lynette has a pile of beautiful pieces waiting to be sewn together.

Ma finished her NBaT on July 2nd, which means that Teri won her "when will my t-shirt be finished" contest.  Darn, my guess just missed by 2 days!

Mary Heather has a finished garment, but is still working on her embroidered word.  Once her NBaT is finished, she'll display it on one of the "creepy models" in the store window of Knit Cafe.

Rachael is another new knit alonger -- pop over and say hi.

Sandy has finished her back and is making quick progress on her front.

ShelbyD is a new knit alonger.  You can track her progress on her NBaT forum.

Suzanne finished her NBaT several weeks ago -- it was a gift for her sister.  She recently sent me a photo of her sister wearing her special gift!

Tania is in the home stretch, weaving in ends and sewing seams.

What other NBaT gossip or news is out there?  For you knit alongers without a blog, please feel free to email me any photos or stories you may have and I'll post them for you.  In the words of the LA note leaver, "Knit On"!

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Knit On, Indeed! That note still makes me laugh, every time I see it. Now I can't help but think of the mannequins as creepy.

I'm washing my T this morning- embroidery is done- pictures to follow soon! Now I'm eager to make one for myself...

Posted by: Mary-Heather | Jul 12, 2005 8:40:04 AM

Thanks for adding me to the list, Nona!

Posted by: Deb | Jul 12, 2005 10:58:07 AM

Hi Nona, I've bought the wool to knit NBaT no 2 :-)
Though it will have to wait for a while there is a lot of lace ahead of it on the list!

Posted by: Janine | Jul 12, 2005 12:15:24 PM

What is the "LA note leaver?"

Posted by: nona-sister-in-law | Jul 12, 2005 2:14:38 PM

hey nona, thanks for the official welcome. :-)

today's post has an actual picture of my progress, logo and all. whee!

Posted by: rachael | Jul 13, 2005 10:05:01 PM

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