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July 14, 2005

Game, Set, Match

nona's finished her "sit on your butt and watch Wimbledon" sock exchange socks for Purly Whites.  They are officially in the mail and due to arrive at Purly's house tomorrow at noon, which means I get to open my socks.  You see, fair playing reader, I received my socks from Purly 2 days ago, but have used all of my willpower to not open the package -- I just didn't think it was fair to open my socks before I finished knitting hers.  So tomorrow is the big sock day -- at least for the two of us!

Socks for Purly Whites -- notice the "purly white" toe tips.

nona's socks from Purly  -- I'll open the package tomorrow!

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Nona, your design is wonderful, your stranded colorwork is lovely, and! gotta love that pearly white toe tip!

Posted by: Emily | Jul 15, 2005 3:01:41 AM

Your socks are gorgeous!

Posted by: lynette | Jul 15, 2005 7:33:12 AM

i'm a longtime lurker finally outing myself :O) those socks are lovely and i really like the attention to detail (white toes)...can't wait to see the socks you've received.

Posted by: amanda | Jul 15, 2005 8:12:15 AM

beautiful knitting and a sense of fair play! wow. By the way, in my wanderings las night I saw one of your tie one on shawls knit by a fellow guild member. nice. su

Posted by: su | Jul 15, 2005 10:35:38 AM

Beautiful Wimbledon socks love the design.

Posted by: Lisa | Jul 15, 2005 3:45:24 PM

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