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June 05, 2005

Going With the Flow

Today, once the chores were done and the commitments of the day completed nona sat down to watch the French Open Men's Final -- TiVoed of course -- and to work on her Sockapalooza sock.  Don't worry you over-achieving, competitive types, I'm not referring to my socks for "Sockapal-2-za" I'm referring to the extra pair of socks I'm knitting for my adopted pal from the original Sockapalooza.

For this pair I'm knitting the "Go With the Flow" socks from Interweave Knits Summer 2005 using the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn in red with a twinge -- or should a say a kiss -- of purple.  The socks are knit in a lovely lace pattern based on a K4, P2 ribbing.  When I was 3 inches into the socks I looked down to admire my craftiness only to discover -- horror of horrors -- that the sock looked terrible, truly sloppy.  After a moment of panic, I reminded herself that the number rule of knitting is "don't panic", paused the TiVo, and contemplated my situation.

Once I got my brain working, I realized that because the lace pattern was based on a K4, P2 ribbing, I needed to use my ribbing trick to "neaten up" the ribbing.  I'm pleased to report success on the 2nd try -- no double fault for nona!  (Did you detect the tennis pun, athletic reader?)

nona thinks this lace pattern, based on a K4, P2 ribbing
would make a beautiful cuff.

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It certainly would!!

Posted by: Margene | Jun 6, 2005 9:50:23 AM

Thanks for posting the link to your ribbing tip! I've had that exact same problem with ribbing, and have searched high and low for a solution without avail. I'd resorted to just pulling the first knit stitch really tight, but even that didn't solve the problem completely. I'm definitely going to try your twisted stitch/back loop solution. Now, off to browse your tips & techniques link in hopes of finding more good stuff!

Posted by: Cyndi | Jun 6, 2005 4:14:42 PM

I concur with Cyndi. I'm using your ribbing tip on a cotton K1P1 edging and it's actually loads more fun--I think because I have to pay attention--and it looks fab. Unlike normal cotton ribbing it isn't all loosey-goosey. Thanks nona!

Posted by: Kirsten | Jun 7, 2005 1:50:08 PM

these are going to be gorgeous: i love that pattern, it really does have 'flow'. and the colour is spectacular. oh and the pink tangerine stuff?... just a word of caution: maybe think twice before wearing the socks and the belt together ; )

Posted by: anna | Jun 9, 2005 4:51:42 AM

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