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June 16, 2005

Girl With a Mission

nona's a girl -- okay, okay a middle-aged woman -- with a mission.  In general I try to go with the flow -- taking opportunities, inspiration, and day-to-day life as it comes.  But sometimes, darn it, you got to lay down the rules.   So I'm asking you to be my witness...

I, nona, being of sound mind -- more or less -- will try my best to do the following by Monday June 20th -- give or take a few days:

  1. I will finish my spiral socks and wear them while playing tennis -- I'm curious how they'll wear on the courts.
  2. I will finish my Sockapalooza socks for my adopted pal and mail them out.

  3. I will select the yarn and pattern for a summer tank top project -- the current front runner is to knit Grumperina's Tivoli t-shirt in a wet-spun linen yarn.  Why?  Because I've never knit a sweater from the top down and I'm oh-so curious about the linen yarn. 

  4. I will select the yarn and pattern for a pair of socks I'm going to knit Purly White as part of our "sit on our butts and watch Wimbledon" sock exchange.

Why the urgency and seriousness of my mission?  Well, the Wimbledon tennis tournament starts June 2oth and I need my WIPs plate cleared and my two new projects ready to go.  I plan on watching lots of tennis, doing lots of knitting, and cooking fast and easy dinners.  Wish me luck on my mission!

Wet spun linen yarn I'm thinking about knitting.
Has anyone knit with this before?  Any stories to tell?

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I've never knit with linen...but I'm sure it will make a lovely summer item! I vote for Grumpy t...I know first hand that it is a quite and gorgeous knit! I love it! I know what you mean about things to get done...my list grows and grows...I haven't even started the NBaT...oh man...I better get knitten!

Posted by: Carolyn | Jun 17, 2005 5:38:36 AM

Oooo top down is so much fun. Have you looked at Teva Durham's Ballet T in Loop-d-Loop? Similar but with shapings down the center instead of the sides. I plan to make a few top-down T's, I think they'll be good shells under a jacket as well as tanks in the summer. Maybe we need a top-down T along?

Posted by: Cathy | Jun 17, 2005 5:49:30 AM

You are a gal with an aggressive mission! I too am eager to try the Tivoli tee.
So, you are a tennis fan? Then you must have watched the French Open ... my husband and MIL couldn't stop talking about the new Spanish rising star! Enjoy your busy weekend and good luck on your mission.

Posted by: Agnes | Jun 17, 2005 7:38:42 AM

Ohhhh... that linen yarn is the prettiest shade of green! I can't wait to see what you make with it.

Posted by: Leisel | Jun 17, 2005 8:13:35 AM

I haven't knitted with the linen, yet. But I have a small cone of it sitting in my stash waiting for Just the Right Project...

(mine's purple)

Posted by: Janice in GA | Jun 17, 2005 8:23:23 AM

Nona, I have knit with it before and suggest swatching. It skewed badly when knit flat as a wash cloth. It does,however, make a nice, soft fabric.
su.... who loves your blog

Posted by: su | Jun 17, 2005 8:29:49 AM

No comments on the linen -- just a comment to say that I am so enjoying your blog. I've been reading through your archives and found so much helpful information. I too suffered from saggy ribbing and found the trick in the Knitting in the Old Way to be helpful. Now I want to try your pick up method on the neckline of a cable sweater I'm working on. And yesterday's post sent me out at lunch time to get the Socks book with the Pablo Neruda poem. I just need more time to knit up all the yarn I have!

Posted by: Trudy | Jun 17, 2005 9:23:29 AM

I haven't used Euroflax myself, but I have heard it is hard on the hands. It should launder into a really nice fabric, though.

Posted by: June | Jun 17, 2005 9:31:02 AM

I LOVE Euroflax. I have made a khaki Clapotis, a black Clapotis and a feather and fan stole out of their tweed linen yarn. The colors are lovely and the drape is perfect. Make sure you wash it in the machine and then run it through the dryer for about fifteen minutes before you block it - it softens CONSIDERABLY. My all time favorite summer yarn. Enjoy!

Posted by: kim Rue | Jun 17, 2005 10:38:24 PM

OMG! I was just telling the Grumpy One that I wanted to do her pattern in Euroflax linen. Great minds think alike!

Posted by: Colleen | Jun 18, 2005 5:34:22 AM

Eeek- Wimbledon starting! I'm such a recluse I hadn't realised. I must stop just watching the Tivo and pay attention to what is actually going on in the world. So glad I dropped in to read your blog. Now I'm off to find the TV schedule and pick up my knitting...

Posted by: Di | Jun 21, 2005 2:44:26 AM

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