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May 16, 2005

More Finished NBaTs

Have you noticed that there are more "blue" NBaT knit alongers, have ya, have ya?  For those slow on the up take -- a knit alonger's name turns from brown to blue when they finish their t-shirt.  Notice that nona's name is still brown -- I'm working on it!  However, there are several new bluies this week:

Dyann has finished and worn her beautiful T, knit in Second Time Cotton.

Elizabeth R. has finished her "kitty cafe" t-shirt, go read why she picked her words...

Janine made her T in a solid color with a v-neck and picot edging -- lovely!

Jeanie finished here T and is happy to report that it is the first knit item she can wear!

Mia ran her motif across the entire front of her T, which looks springing and fresh! (picture posted in her May 15th entry).

Shannon is having a lot of fun being the "blushing bride" -- be sure to check out her story.

There were several other notable knit alongers, who have been busy this week:

Elizabeth has just gone Graph Happy, go vote and let her know which graph you like best.  nona may be the Steam Queen, but Elizabeth is certainly the Graph Queen!

Jackie is having lots of fun making all kinds of changes to the NBaT pattern, making it her own!

Tania needs a few smiles and kind words, since she had to rip out her entire back -- I've been there and can feel her pain!

Do you have a favorite NBaT yet?  After all, Tuesday is knit along day!

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wow Nona, thanks for the encouragement...! ^_^

Posted by: tania | May 16, 2005 9:43:20 PM

These are all so great! Everyone is quite creative. What fun!:-)

Posted by: Joan C | May 17, 2005 6:10:10 PM

has just gone Graph Happy, go vote and let her know which graph you like best.

Posted by: Handknit Kids Sweaters | Aug 8, 2011 2:21:42 AM

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