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March 24, 2005

Short Row Experiment

Do you know what nona loves about knitting?  There is always something new to learn and play with! 

Last night was knit night at nona's house, which translates into knitting, chatting, eating, and wine sipping -- all things nona enjoys.  Although I hate to admit it, I was quite envious when one of the knitters started describing her recent knit retreat with Lucy Neatby and was pushed over the edge when the talk turned to "Japanese Short Rows".  Short rows -- nona loves short rows -- Japanese short  rows -- nona has never heard of such a thing.  So, today I tracked down a reference to Japanese short rows in PGR's Knitting in the Old Way and tomorrow I intend to conduct a short row experiment.

For the experiment, I'll knit 3 swatches using 3 different short row techniques -- the wrapped stitch short row, the Japanese short row, and the yarn over short row.  Which of the techniques is the easiest to execute?  Which produces the best overall appearance?  These questions, my friend, can only be answered with an experiment.  Let the games -- I mean science -- begin. 

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oh i can't WAIT!

Posted by: froggy | Mar 25, 2005 1:48:25 AM

cool! i was about to try a short-row toe (yes, socks again)... now i think i'll wait n see what you find out ; )

Posted by: anna | Mar 25, 2005 4:10:25 AM

I've been looking for good web site references for Japanese short rows. IWKnits had a good short row article a few issues backā€”the Fall '04 issue, maybe? I haven't gotten around to swatching yet. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

In case it helps, some references:

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Posted by: Sara | Mar 25, 2005 6:57:42 PM

Very interesting as usual ms. nona. Have a good trip! The short row experiment awaits us!

Posted by: Jenny | Mar 29, 2005 12:02:28 AM

Thank you so much Nona! I just fought through my first experience with short rows using double wraps and almost went batty. Your technique comparison has been tremendously helpful!

Posted by: Jennifer | Oct 10, 2005 8:02:40 AM

I'm knitting a jacket (was knitting a jacket). I came to the shoulders (bind off nine stitches each row three times) I HATE!!!!! STAIR STEPS. Searched through my millions-upon-millions of Knit; Learn to knit; Knit for fun; Knit-til-you-cry-uncle books and found "short-rows". That's right, the word "short-rows" and NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING else. I have been looking for how (the heck) do I do it. If I sound a little nut-so at this point, you'll be happy to know that after reading your "short-rows shoulders..." I am beginning to calm down and take heart. I'm sooooo glad I found you.

Posted by: cheryl | Dec 9, 2006 1:15:55 PM

Thank you Nona! I'd never even heard of japanese short rowing until i stumbled upon your blog while doing a google search. i've muddled through the wrapped short rows a few times, but this ROCKS! no holes. none. my future baby thanks you for non-holey soakers.

Posted by: claire | Jan 11, 2007 1:30:39 PM

I'm new to this website - where do I find the instructions for doing the experiment(s) on short rows?
Please e-mail me the answer - I may have trouble getting back here.

Posted by: Heather | Jan 21, 2007 4:31:45 PM

Could the instructions be sent in a format that would be printer friendly?

Posted by: Martha Palmer | Mar 20, 2007 2:50:30 PM

I would love to have the directions for the japanese short rowing. I'm just learning toe up socks and the short rows using a provisional cast on. Thanks so much. 2/23/2011

Posted by: Karen Abbotts | Feb 23, 2011 11:01:42 AM

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