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February 13, 2005

Stitches Adventures

nona must apologize, here it is Sunday and I haven't relayed my adventures at Stitches West.  Have you not been wondering --  How was nona's class with Debbie New?  How did nona's free yarn give away go?  Well patient reader, wait no longer.

nona's Free Yarn Give Away

The free yarn give away was over before it even started.  nona-friend and I left 12 bags of free yarn with a large "Free Yarn" sign outside the entrance to the Market Place.  We then poked around the Market Place waiting for our Debbie New class to begin.  When we came out  -- after only 15 minutes of browsing -- all of the yarn was gone, not a crumb in sight.   I left a note in each yarn bag asking the yarn recipient to contact nona with her plans for the free yarn, we'll see what I hear.

Debbie New's Tantalizing Techniques Class

As for the Debbie New class, Tantalizing Techniques, nona has one word to describe it -- Tantalizing.   If you see a "continue reading..." link, nona encourages you to click it, she'll even show you a cool picture if you do!

Debbie is a knitter who constantly invents, experiments, and creates.  It's no wonder that she has quite a few unique techniques up her sleeve.  The class started with a creativity exercise, moved quickly through a series of related techniques, and ended with a challenge -- do something you know, but add something unexpected.  Now nona's not going to tell you all the juicy techniques I learned all at once, but I will tell you about my favorite.

The Suspended Bind Off

If you're like me, you tend to bind off too tightly.  The suspended bind off gives you a reliable bind off tension, based on the size of your needle.  In a nutshell, you keep the parent stitch on the left hand needle until you bind off the next stitch.  Here are the details...

The Suspended Bind Off In Action[1] - Click the image for a large view

The 5 steps of the suspended bind off -- these steps assume you already have one stitch on the right hand needles waiting to be bound off:

  1. Knit the next stitch -- call it the parent stitch -- from the left needle creating a new stitch on the right needle, but ...
  2. Don't let the parent stitch drop off the left needle.  Keep this parent stitch suspended on the left needle until later. 
  3. Pass the second stitch on the right needle up and over the first stitch -- just as you normally would.
  4. Notice that the parent stitch is waiting patiently on the left needle as the bind off occurs.
  5. Finally, let the parent stitch drop off the left needle.  It's this suspension that keeps the bind off tension even.

[1] If nona was really hip she would create an animated version of the 5 photos.  Alas, we are all well aware that nona is more sporty then she is hip -- so the animation will have to wait for another time, and perhaps another blogger.

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Sweet tip, Nona!!!

Posted by: Jenny | Feb 14, 2005 5:49:23 PM

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