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February 27, 2005

Oldest UFO

Anna recently posed the question, "What is your oldest UFO?"  Since nona has been weeding through her yarn stash and UFOs over the last few months -- and yes she's making good progress thank you -- I found this question particularly intriguing.   What is my oldest UFO?  After a bit of detective work and archaeological excavations, nona uncovered a sweater dating back to the mid to late 1990s.  A sweater inspired by a Brandon Mably workshop in which we learn improvisation knitting using many different yarns. 

nona's oldest UFO

Now what is one to do with a UFO like this?  Part of nona wants to finish it and part of her has no idea where she was or what she was thinking because there are no notes or clues found with the UFO.  Perhaps I should just pack it up and leave it for the nona-sons to deal with when I'm dead and gone.  nona poses 2 questions to you, chatty reader, what should nona do with this UFO and what is your oldest?  You never know, the most interesting answer may win a cutesy sheep with a tape measure coming out of its...

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I guess you need to take a long hard look at it and ask yourself, "Is there anything here I want to salvage?" If there is then you certainly can puzzle out what needs to be done. If not, send it to the frog pond. A weight will be lifted.
My oldest UFO is a sweater I started knitting for my older son when I was pregnant with my younger son. It just needs buttons sewn on. It is a size 2T. My son will be 7 in May. My younger son will be 5 in April. I need to wait for grandchildren.

Posted by: Jessica | Feb 27, 2005 10:50:39 PM

Goodness, our UFO's are almost the same age. I've added a note to my blog cuz I think its' from a 1991(!) Rowan book, which means I was still a teenager (just) when I started it. heavens. Do you think you'll wear yours if you finish it? Mine has been allowed to linger so long only because I still do really like it, and I know i'll wear it if I can JUST get myself to finish her......

Posted by: Anna | Feb 28, 2005 7:28:14 AM

My oldest knitting UFO is a sweater I started (twice!) in 1993 when my ex-DH and I separated. I call it the Sweater From He**, and will never finish it. Learned a lot about knitting from this attempt, and plan to recycle some of the yarn this year.

My oldest non-knitting UFO is a crewel work pillow that I started in 1974. Can't get rid of it because there are too many memories in the stitches, but it doesn't go with my decor any more.

If you still love your UFO, finish it. If not, frog and recycle. If you love it and won't wear it, turn it into a pillow or something. Felt it, make a tote, whatever.

Posted by: diann | Feb 28, 2005 3:04:30 PM

Since I'm a new-knitter, my UFOs are very young--and yes I have several....but I am trying to give them all a little time so they don't remain in that category for too long. I do have several OLD non-knit UFOs, the oldest of which is a needlepoint of a lttle blond-boy saying his prayers at bedside. I was making it for my first baby son's bedroom. He's now 18 and going off to college soon! Like "diann" --too many memories in the stitches to get rid of it. May be bound for G'kids...but that's too scary to contemplate. What the heck is "frog"? The new knitter in me wants to know. As for nona's UFO--it looks pretty darn close to finished...unless that's only one side! If she's close I say go for it, especially since nona says it is "improvisational" knitting---doesn't matter what she does to finish it...it'll be improvised!

Posted by: nona friend the oldest | Feb 28, 2005 3:40:07 PM

Oh Nona - I just love your blog. I love the use of third person, I love your turn of phrase. You positively beam joy!

And you have inspired me - I too am going to have an oldest UFO - I will leave my unfinished pink jacket in a bag for a long time and rediscover it when I'm old, then undo the lovely yarn and re knit it for my grandkids.... or I might submit to Knitty as well... or .. oh maybe I should just get back to work.

Posted by: Genny | Feb 28, 2005 3:41:03 PM


Your UFO would be perfect reknitted for a lovely doggie sweater. Sometimes its best to admit a mistake....
or maybe I'm just viewing it sideways or something. Maybe it could be useful in the soon to be Broadway version of SPAMALOT. You wouldnt have to add any sleeves, the guy from Monty Python who gets his arms cut off could wear it.
Offer it to them, your sweater could be on BROADWAY!
You asked for the chatty ones to respond! So I did.

Posted by: kathyb | Feb 28, 2005 6:56:21 PM

I've only been knitting for 7 or 8 months now (don't ask me to do the math)... so my oldest KNITTING UFO is... well, that old. It's a garter stitch scarf out of Berroco Optik... which is a very pretty yarn... doubled. I ran out, though, and I'm thinking I would like to redo it paired with a softer yarn rather than doubled, instead of going and buying another hank to finish it as is. BUT... there's too many other things I'm interested in, so I haven't gotten to it, and I'm not sure when I will.

Someone else mentioned your use of the third person. Honestly, I think you're the only one I've ever come across who has successfully pulled it off. Usually, it just comes across as affected and annoying. You make it fun, and really, I think it's a good portion of why I love to read your blog. Your posts always make me smile. :)

Posted by: Leisel | Feb 28, 2005 10:10:21 PM

hmm... oh my oldest is a scarf I started 4 or 5 years ago. though i have been knitting since i was four the only thing i ever worked on was a 6 foot long scrap yarn scarf since at the age of four my mom refused to buy me any yarn. i used bits i found everywhere and eventually decided that it was long enough. it is with my old dolls somewhere.

Posted by: calla | May 16, 2006 4:13:46 PM

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