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February 10, 2005

Free Yarn

Tomorrow at Stitches West there will be free yarn.  Now nona cannot speak for others, but at least she will be giving away free yarn.  Part of my UFO excavations uncovered quite a bit of really nice yarn - yarn I know I'll never use.  nona thinks this yarn is getting a bit lonely hanging out all day in plastic bins -- this yarn wants to be knit. 

Free yarn for Stitches

As with all free things, there are strings attached.  Here are nona's strings:

  1. Only one bag of yarn per person
  2. Only take the yarn if you plan to knit with it - this yarn does not want to sit in any more stashes
  3. Optional -Let nona know what you plan to knit with your chosen bag of free yarn.

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How nice of you to share your stash, Ms. Nona. Wish I could go to Stitches too. ;-)

Posted by: Jenny | Feb 10, 2005 11:54:43 PM


I'll pay the shipping! I'd love the coral colored yarn up in the corner of the photo! I'll be sure to followup with what i knit with it! WIsh i lived near you!

Posted by: kathy b | Feb 11, 2005 8:16:08 PM

Thank you for thinking of others. I think I'll choose the sock yarn in the bottom right corner. I'm so on a kick of making socks for me as well as family and friends. Yummy colors too. My fingers are itchin to start.

Posted by: Leslie | Feb 12, 2005 9:04:52 AM


Posted by: NYASIA | May 15, 2005 2:51:27 PM

I would love free yarn. I don't knit. But love to crochet. If crochet is not ok then accept my apologies for taking your time. If it is I am willing to take any color. I make granny squares, scrunchies, barrettes and 100% cotton dishcloths.

Posted by: Natasha | Jun 26, 2005 9:20:04 AM

would love free yarn i have been crocheting hats and gloves for homeless .i like to keep my hands busy

Posted by: rene pullen | Jul 24, 2005 3:54:17 PM

You are so kind!! i would love free yran to knitt with!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Elona | Aug 10, 2005 1:06:06 PM

Hello there Nonna!
Well, I work with a group called HAIN,heavenly angels in need...and we assist premature babies, and still born babies families.
We are a group of women who can knit and crochet,and we make blankies, booties and mitts for the little needing babies at hospitals and foster care homes,also for the still born babies who sometimes are too small to have a regular sized preemie set of clothes. We knit all kinds of special sizes..and we work hard. We are needing lots of yarn donations for our babies.
So we would LOVE to receive some yarn..since there is many of us...a pack each we could knit for tons of lil babies..:)
Check out our website and please..give this a thought.
We're a christian group willing to help those tiny babies in need.

Posted by: Tysha Marsh | Aug 25, 2005 3:18:23 PM

My daughter is int eh hospital and will be for about a year and I am teaching her to crochet and knit. We are a little strapped for extra cash right now so any colors or textures would be wonderful to bring her, she will most likely begin with a pillow for her room.
I can pay postage also

Posted by: Kim Holderer | Oct 21, 2005 11:31:04 AM

hi all , my name is patricia , i am 47 now , and am just now getting back into knitting an i love it . a blind woman yrs ago taught me how , she showed me the basic's and i learned the rest on my own . please help me get back into the swing and send me my free yarn ?
patricia jones
1305 s jefferson ave apt 1
mt pleasant , tx ,. 75455

Posted by: patricia jones | Oct 24, 2005 5:23:30 AM

I have been crocheting blankets and giving them away to people in my church. I have run out, and buying more has been next to impossible. So this yarn would truly help me.

Thank You & God Bless You

Posted by: JOYCE | Oct 26, 2005 7:56:53 PM

Would love baby yarn to knit a baby blanket for a gift. There are a lot of women at work who are pregant this would make a nice gifts. Thanks so much, Adriana

Posted by: Adriana | Nov 11, 2005 4:29:10 AM

i am a begginer and am trying to make hats
for the small children in my church so
any of it would do just fine. It is really
nice of you to give free yarn away and thanks
i am sure the kids will love the hats and I
will tell them you gave it to me so you
get credit to

Posted by: julia weller | Nov 15, 2005 5:50:56 PM

if your still trying to get rid of yarn i'd love to have some. still kindof learning to crochet but i have big orders from people already who want stuff. any help would be appreciated!!!!

Posted by: desiree king | Nov 25, 2005 12:49:33 PM

I just started to knit and would love free yarn.

Posted by: Cindy | Nov 28, 2005 11:17:04 AM

If there is anything left I can also pay shipping as I am on the east coast and I regret have a daughter also in a PCr for 6-12 months and I am knitting scarves for the kids there and teaching them as well, I try to keep up but I am losing my shirt keeping her there.
So any colors or textures would be great I am sure the kids would find even using bits and pieces fun to see the crazy mixed up colors emerge as a design in and of itself.

Posted by: Kim Holderer | Nov 30, 2005 8:04:17 AM

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