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February 12, 2005

Catherine Lowe Kit Ordering

alt_hereDo you have a knitting related question you'd like nona to answer?  Well inquisitive reader, you're in luck -- just send me an email and perhaps your question will appear in one of my posts.  Here's a composite question I've recently received from several readers.....

Dear nona,

I've enjoyed reading about Catherine Lowe and her Couture Knitting Workshop in your [fascinating] posts.  [Yes, yes, I -- nona -- did insert the word "fascinating" in the last sentence, you've got to give me a few liberties here and there.  Back to the letter...]  I also own the first two issues of her Ravell'd Sleeve journal.  However, I don't know how to contact the Couture Knitting Workshop to get information about Catherine's kits and workshop schedule.  Where did you buy your kit from?

Coutureless in Canada

Dear Coutureless,

I was lucky enough to attend a lecture given by Catherine at my LYS and to order my kit from her at that lecture.  After a bit of sleuthing, I was able to dig up some contact information for you.  Interweave Knits published a short blurb about the Couture Knitting Workshop in their Winter 2004 issue.  This blurb says:

For more information on Catherine's kits, booklets, workshops, and retreats, contact Catherine Lowe, Couture Knitting Workshop, (518) 392-3363.

Additionally, The Ravell'd Sleeve journal includes the following on its last page:

Published by The Couture Knitting Workshop PO Box 209 East Chatham NY 12060.

nona hopes this helps! 

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I'd like to request the free yarn. I think its wonderfully generous of you to be giving it away!!
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