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January 13, 2005

Wearing the Leftovers

alt_hereToday nona is wearing leftovers.  My Leftovers Vest is finished, blocked, and sporting its inaugural wearing.  Do you ever finish a knit garment and realize you have nothing -- I mean absolutely nothing -- that will go with it?  So yes, observant reader, that is a new butter yellow top under the vest. Photo Spread of my Leftovers Vest.

Nona, what did you like about this project?

What didn't I like about this project, terrific project from start to finish.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • I loved working with the yarn, Julia, and the colors I selected. 
  • The pattern was extremely clear and well written.  Many thanks to Alison, the designer
  • I experimented with 3 new techniques while working on this project, all successful – if I do say so myself (click here for all the juicy details):
    • Jogless stripes with circular knitting
    • Improved, non-saggy, ribbing
    • Invisible pickup

Nona, what would you do differently next time?

I'd love to make another version of this vest, this time using an eclectic mix of yarn from my stash.  I think I'll just pop this idea on my knitting wishlist!

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congratulations on joining the knit ring! that's a very nice vest.

Posted by: lynette | Jan 14, 2005 3:51:35 PM

Nona, I love the Julia Yarn site. Thanks for the link.

Posted by: nona-friend the oldest's sister | Jan 15, 2005 6:11:45 AM

It looks fantastic!
I like the contrast of the two reds with the sky blue!

Posted by: Elizabeth | Jan 16, 2005 3:09:24 PM

It looks great! I had to go out and buy some nice collared shirts to wear under my leftovers. Funny how new garments call for more new garments, and so on, and so on.... So what's the new picking up stitches technique??

Posted by: alison | Jan 17, 2005 3:18:38 PM

Nona, I would love to try your "pleasurable pick up", but I had trouble figuring out how to do it. I want to try it on a sock heel pick-up. If the working yarn it coming off the right needle, and I need to pick up stitches to the left, what do I do? Break the yarn, and join a new piece on the left side? Thanks for any help you can give, because this pickup sounds like the answer to my prayers!

Posted by: Annette | Sep 6, 2005 3:30:21 PM

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