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January 15, 2005

The Power of the MCS

After each knitting project you complete -- oh, heck how about any project you complete -- its important to take a moment for an MCS.  What's an MCS you ask?   Well inquiring reader, an MCS is a Mild Conceit Session.  nona-Mom taught me about the MCS when I was a kid.  Let me set the stage, nona's in 4th grade and has just completed a report on the Ivory Coast.  You know the kind of report nona's talking about.  You copy dry, factual information out of the encyclopedia -- such as annual rain fall -- add a map or two, draw a fancy title page, and pop the whole thing in a clear plastic folder.  Something about that folder makes everything look nice, doesn't it?  I always liked to show off my finished project to nona-Mom:

nona to nona-Mom:  Look, my Ivory Coast report is finished!

nona-Mom: Wonderful nona, why don't you take your MCS.

nona:  Ah, isn't my report wonderful.  Look at the beautiful title page.  Boy, I wrote a lot of information.  I think my rain fall map is ...

nona-Mom - interrupting nona:  Okay, that's enough!  Remember, its a Mild Conceit Session.

After you finish your next knitting project, give the MCS a try.  Be proud of your accomplishment, but please keep it mild.

Speaking of MCS, I think my second Wavy scarf is coming along beautifully...

Wavy scarf for nona-niece petite in progress

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Ha ha, that's hilarious! My friends and I have PCG. Project Completion Gratification. It goes with a little dance that my family rolls their eyes to :-).

Posted by: LeAnne | Mar 9, 2005 8:35:13 AM

I've always hated those school reports. They seems so pointless.

Posted by: callie | Mar 27, 2006 5:43:24 PM

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