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January 07, 2005

Pleasurable Pick Up

nona had a pleasurable pick up experience this evening.   No, no, nothing like that -- I tried a new technique for picking up stitches on my Leftovers Vest.  I learned this technique from my Catherine Lowe Pullover Kit.  This technique has two big advantages.  First, the row of picked up stitches is invisible from the right side of the garment.  This is handy when the stitches are to be worked in a stitch pattern other than stockinette stitch -- ribbing for example.  Second,  the first row worked is a right side row.  Think of the picked up stitches as a join, not as a row of actual knitting.

Finished Ribbing -- Can you see the row of picked up stitches?

Okay, so that's the theory.  Want to know how?  Keep reading...

Here's How

A few things before you start:

  1. You'll need a needle 4 times smaller than the needle you'll be using to work the picked up stitches and a crochet hook.
  2. You'll be working with the right side of the knitting facing you.
  3. You'll be working from left to right

To pickup stitches:

  1. Secure the tail of yarn around the running thread at the spot you want to begin picking up stitches.  Using the crochet hook, pull the tail of yarn from back to front and then back again.  Knot the tail onto the working yarn.  Okay, you're ready to start

  2. Using the crochet hook, pull a loop from back to front and slide the loop onto the small sized needle -- remember the needle is on the left. 

  3. Pull the yarn tight and keep a firm tension throughout the process.

  4. Once all the stitches are picked up, use your regular sized needle and begin with the first row of your pattern.  As the picked up stitches are worked from the smaller needle onto the larger needle, they virtually disappear to the back of the knit fabric.

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Wow, that is nice!I will keep that technique in mind for the next time I have to pick up stitches...thanks for posting it!

Posted by: Elizabeth | Jan 8, 2005 4:22:49 AM

Hey there! Just found my way over to your techniques section. Neat how you learned so much new stuff while working on leftovers. That jogless jog really looks good. And the ribbing thing is interesting too. I've tried the correction when knitting continental but not right-handed. I'll have to check out that book! But I don't quite understand what you're doing with this picking up stitches technique. Mostly it's #1 that's unclear. Sorry if I'm being dense, but can you explain a bit more. Pretty please. :)

Posted by: alison | Jan 17, 2005 3:25:26 PM

Oh, I like that pick up! I'm going to have to try that for the shawl collar of the cardigan I'm making, if I ever finish the sleeves. I keep changing my mind when I get 3/4 through. The body is done though.

Nice blog you have! Just found it today. Reading about knitting is almost as fun as actually knitting. In fact, today it's more fun.

Posted by: Carrie | Mar 6, 2005 7:03:17 PM

That's a great tip! Thanks for posting it.

Posted by: K. Anne | May 10, 2005 11:08:06 PM

Still using your technique, I love it, and I am linking to it from my blog today. Thanks!

Posted by: Liisa | Jun 7, 2006 11:57:27 PM

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