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January 29, 2005

My Friend, The Knitting Intuit

My friend, nona-friend the oldest, is a Knitting Intuit.  You must remember nona-friend -- she's the one who opens Christmas presents early.  nona-friend is very crafty with an art degree no less.  She is also a new knitter who is already addicted.  Let me tell you the story that confirmed her title of Knitting Intuit.

Over the holidays, nona-friend gathered with the other females in her family for a three day crafting fest.  Her teenage niece was making impressive progress on a circularly knit bag when, much to her horror, she discovered that the stitches were twisted.   We knitters can all sympathize with this disastrous situation -- the first time you realized what "join the stitches, being careful not to twist" really means.  Now if this was nona's niece nona would have said something like, "I'm terribly sorry nona-niece, but the only way to fix this is to rip it out and start over".  Not so for nona-friend, the Knitting Intuit.  She adroitly crochet two vertical lines down the bag creating a thin channel.  She then -- hold onto something -- cut the bag down the channel, untwisted the knitting, and seamed the bag back together.  Her niece was back on the needles and knitting in no time.

This, my friends, is why nona-friend is a Knitting Intuit and why nona will be calling her for knitting advice.  nona believes the best knitters are those who think outside the box, trusting their intuition to guide them to successful solutions.

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