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January 08, 2005

A Late Christmas Present

A few days ago nona found a present on her pillow -- a late Christmas present from nona-hubby.  A knitting related gift, the best kind.  nona-hubby found it hidden -- and forgotten -- under the dirty laundry in his closet.   Curious aren't you?  The gift was the book, For the Love of Knitting, edited by Kari Cornell.  Its a wonderful, browsing, leafing kind of book.  The kind of book you leave on your coffee table for awhile and peruse off and on.   The book features a variety of essays and stories on various topics of knitting.  Many photos -- ranging from vintage knitting ads to current knit art -- complement the text.  My one complaint is the lack of diversity among the photos.  Many of the knitting photos have been published in previous books or feature the same knitter over and over again.  A small complaint for an otherwise very enjoyable book.  Thank you nona-hubby!

nona enjoying her new gift. 

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Nona-pooch is wondering when you'll put down your knitting and take him for a walk.

Posted by: nona-hubby | Jan 8, 2005 8:44:42 PM

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