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December 07, 2004

Listen to the Rhythm

nona has known for a long time that a consistent rhythm makes for a good knitter.  It's not how fast, slow, tight, or loose you knit.  It's not how you hold your needles or throw your yarn.   It's all about the rhythm and keeping it consistent.  Yesterday, a light bulb went on for nona.  It's not just the knitter who dictates the rhythm of the knitting.  Each project has its own say.  The wise knitter listens to each projects and adapts her rhythm to match.  Once the rhythm is established, consistency is virtually guaranteed. 

I have three active projects in the works -- did you notice how I used the word "active"?  nona actually has more then 3 unfinished projects, but a few are in hibernation.  Back to my point.  My Catherine Lowe Pullover asks for a precise knitting rhythm.  The stranded yarn, plied in parallel requires precision to ensure each strand in included in each stitch.   My Grand Experiment socks, knit on double pointed needles, require a more staccato rhythm as I move from one needle to the next.  And my Throw Me On Wrap, throws a cable needle and cables into the rhythm.

So you knitters out there, listen to your projects and find a consistent rhythm that works for both of you.  By-the-by, each project also deserves its own bag / basket, but that's a story for another day.

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