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December 19, 2004

Jogless Stripes

leftovers vestNona thoroughly enjoys knitting the Leftovers Vest!  This project involves two things I love, color and circular knitting.  Circular knitting is quite addictive -- at least for nona -- I just keep going around, and around, and around.  With no logical stopping place, it's frankly hard to stop -- even to go to the bathroom.   As for color and stripes, I love the anticipation of deciding what color to work next.

However, there is one negative side to stripes and circular knitting.  Yes you've guessed it, the dreaded jog.  Circular knitting creates a continuous spiral, the last stitch of the round is one stitch higher than the first stitch.  Changing colors at the beginning of the round emphasizes this jog and the stripes look misaligned -- off by one row.  For the Leftovers Vest I decided to conquer the jog and learn how to knit jogless stripes.

As any good interest user, I turned to Google to begin my search.  A simple query of "Jogless Jog Circular Knitting" seemed to do the trick.  The consensus seems to be that the best technique was introduced by Meg Swansen in her Knitters article (issue 45, Winter 1996).  Here's a synopsis:

Knit the first round in the new color as usual.  Before you start the second round, find the old color stitch below the first stitch in the round and lift it up on the needle.  Knit the old color stitch with the first new color stitch. 

I've been using this technique with my Leftovers Vest.  It's not a perfect solution -- you can still see that something is going on -- but it's better than the jog!

Jogless Jog - Almost

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Hi Nona,

Love your very precise techniques articles and photos. I've been trying to figure out how you managed to do this jogless jog without the color change moving to the left at every color change. All the other articles online on this topic emphasize that the jogless jog introduces a left-leaning slant. e.g., Any comments on how you managed this gorgeous, straight color change?

- spinnity

Posted by: spinnity | Nov 14, 2005 10:37:10 AM

Thank you for showing the results from your jogless stripes. I have been working on one of Jess H. stuffed animals and still see evidence of the jog. But with practice, hopefully mine can look as good as yours. Nice work!


Posted by: Sarah | Jan 26, 2006 6:00:23 PM

Thanks for the tip, Nona. I, too, love knitting in the round. There is definitely something hypnotic about it.

Posted by: Emily | Jun 13, 2007 6:22:29 AM

I am new to knitting and especially new to the jogless jog technique. I have found that I have a hole at the site of the jogless jog. What am I doing wrong?

Also, the technique I have used calls for moving a marker one stitch to the left at the jogless jog site. This results in a diagonal "seam". How do you manage the straight color change?

Posted by: Nancy | Feb 24, 2009 5:31:56 PM

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