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December 14, 2004

Faith In the Process

alt_hereChuck Close was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air one Friday evening and nona happened to be listening.  Chuck is an artist who, for the last 30 years, has been painting portraits. The portraits are based on a grid format where each cell in the grid is, in its own right, a miniature abstract painting.  When viewed collectively the cells merge to form the portrait.  Or if nona was more intellectual she'd say something like, "together the individual units coalesced into an integrated image".  (The image on the left is a close up from one of his portraits.)   

Nona, dear, where exactly is this going and how the heck is it related to knitting?  Well, in the interview Chuck likens the several month process of producing one painting to knitting.  Yes you read correctly, knitting!  Each day Chuck adds small bits -- grid squares to him, stitches to us -- to his ever growing creation.  To be successful you must "have faith in the process".  Don't worry how you're going to get there, just have faith -- bit by bit -- that you will.  nona liked Chuck.   

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