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December 12, 2004

Cuff Is To Toe And Toe Is To Cuff

Grand Experiment SocksTomorrow is a grand day, it's the day nona gets to complete The Grand Experiment.  The socks are done -- the cuff made it to the toe and the toe made it to the cuff.  For those lost in the dark, nona is conducting an experiment to compare two socks.  The Classic Sock was knit from cuff to toe and the Eastern Sock was knit from toe to cuff.  Which fits best?  Which wears best?  Only tomorrow will tell.  My plan is to wear the socks with both clogs and closed back shoes and to chronicle the day's adventures from the sock's perspectives.  No, nona is not bored!  She is simply curious.  The Grand Experiment Photo Spread

Nona, what did you like best & worst about knitting the Classic Sock?

Classic SockThe heel shaping qualifies as both the best and the worst .  I love the entire production of working a heel flap, turning the heel, picking up stitches, and shaping the gusset -- nona thinks "gusset" is a grand word.   But at the same time, it is a production.  I always have to do a few calculations  and refer back to Nancy Bush's Folk Sock book to remind myself of the 4 steps.

Nona, what did you like best & worst about knitting the Eastern Sock?

Eastern SockThere is something simple and elegant about shaping both the toe and the heel using the same short row shaping.  Once you get the shaping down, these socks just fly off the needles without much thinking.  When binding off at the cuff, I had to be very careful not to be too tight.  To help keep it loose, I k2tog to bind off instead of the traditional bind off.

In Response to Nona-Niece The Best's Comment

First, nona must go on the record that 'nona-niece the best" is self proclaimed.  nona thinks all of her nieces are the best.  This nona-niece likes the Wavy pattern from knitty.com.  Nona would like to knit this scarf for nona-niece, but I have 2 questions:  What color would you like?  and Which nona-niece are you?

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nona-niece the best thinks that aunt nona already knows who she is because she is clearly the best, but would like to give a hint so that aunt nona isn't put in a tight spot. Hint: nona-niece the best is aka nona-niece the mraz...as for color I was thinking along the lines of a cranberry red or a pinkyorange/papaya/salmony color but is open for aunt nona's imput

Posted by: nona-niece the best | Dec 12, 2004 9:44:14 PM

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