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November 07, 2004

Nesting Instinct: Must Make Socks

It's that time of year that brings out the nesting instinct in me.  Perhaps it's the short days or the chill in the air -- anything shy of 60 degrees is bone chilling to nona -- or perhaps it's simply the need to make something practical.  Whatever it is, I'm having another urge to knit socks.

This time around, the urge was triggered while leafing through the Queensland Collection by Jane Ellison.  There are many things I like in this pattern book, which includes several patterns mixing a tweedy yarn with a mohair using simple strips -- I've definately added the Esme Cardigan to my must knit list, but that's another day.  The back cover features two pairs of feet looking awfully cozy, "Knit me nona", they seem to scream.

Not one to ignore screaming feet, I picked up the called for Kathmandu Aran Tweed and Llama Seta yarn at my LYS and I'm off and runniing.

"Knit me into socks nona"

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I might make an Esme Cardigan too if, when I wear it, I can develop the same "come hither" look as the woman on the link.

Posted by: crispgirl | Nov 15, 2004 3:44:07 PM

I can do the look. If you need a model let me know.

Posted by: DebB | Nov 19, 2004 2:53:17 PM

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