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February 02, 2006

Peaceful Palms Weekly #10

With the 31st of January quickly disappearing in the rear view mirror, the Peaceful Palms knit along has come to a close.  A huge thank you to all for participating!  It was great fun watching all the gloves, mittens -- and everything in between -- take shape.  Many of this week's finishers were inspired by the deadline to finished their gloves:

  • Carola is hooked on her self-designed "Coughing Fish" fingerless gloves -- she crochets little "bridges" between the fingers -- and has kindly published her pattern.  Can you resist a one-skein project?
  • Gale (scroll down) knit another pair of fingerless gloves -- this pair reminds me of zebras.
  • Jen finished a pair of i-cord gloves and offers an excellent tip for closing the i-cord gap in the fingers.  If one stitch does not completely close the gap, walk 2 new stitches up instead.
  • Jen J.'s i-cord gloves are finished "for the first time" -- she plans to re-knit one of the gloves to correct a gusset faux-pas.
  • Jillian completed a third pair of gloves -- The Firm Fitting Gloves by Mac & Me.
  • Julia finished an amazing pair of Floral Fair Isle Gloves -- truly a work of art!
  • Kimberly finished a fabulous pair of Norweign mittens.  She loves them so much she may just sleep in them!
  • Kira's fingerless gloves are bright and happy with her "mismatched" colors.
  • Kristin highlighted a beautiful hand spun yarn in her fingerless gloves.
  • Lynn H. finished her pair of i-cord gloves, weaving the ends in as the clock struck midnight.  Check out her good looking gusset!
  • Sharon found the knit along's deadline was an excellent motivator to get her to finish her tipless gloves.

As for the final numbers --- 116 knitters signed up to participate, 74 knitters finished at least one pair, and 103 pairs of peaceful palm coverings were completed.  For those knit alongers not yet done, please feel free to email me when -- and if -- you finish and I'll update your name in the list.

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Thanks for catching that last pair! This was my very first KAL - and it was fun!

Posted by: jillian | Feb 2, 2006 10:25:47 PM

Thanks again for putting this knit-along together! I had fun both making gloves and seeing all the other participants' Peaceful Palms.

Posted by: Laura | Feb 4, 2006 5:43:10 PM

Thanks for this KAL, nona! I use my gloves all the time, and am proud :-) And I would Never have done them if it wasn't for You. Looking forward to knitting with you again!

Posted by: Mia | Feb 6, 2006 3:35:22 PM

A few days past the deadline, but I finished a pair of fingerless gloves. I guess having my name in blue will be accomplishment enough!


Posted by: Christie | Feb 15, 2006 3:25:02 PM

No surprise... the thing is OVER and I just arrived! Oh well. I have printed out all of your instructions and already have 4 fingers in a lovely pink-purple-orange-1-million-other-colors-Koigu and I can clearly see a pair of gloves in my future. Yippee!! And thanks for all of the GREAT instructions, nona. Love 'em.

Posted by: Beth S. | Feb 22, 2006 8:35:20 AM

if you start a new glove KAL
may i please join


Posted by: cathy | Oct 14, 2006 7:42:25 AM

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