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January 08, 2006

Out of Sight ...

One of my 2005 knitting goals was to organize my yarn collection and UFOs.  Let me tell you, inquiring reader, I made some major progress -- not perfect mind you, but progress.  Most of my yarn stash and projects have been sorted and stored in plastic bins, all labeled, nice and organized. 

Unfortunately, I'm finding this organizational binge to have an unexpected side effect  -- can you say, "out of sight, out of mind".  Case in point -- the other day while searching for a skein of Koigu in my "sock yarn" bin I noticed a bin labeled "Fair-Isle Bag" neatly stacked on my knitting shelf.  Hey, how could I forget this impulsive project of mine? 

Quickly rescued from its stuffy bin, the bag is back out and in the knitting rotation.  Over the last few days, I've finished the blue side, the striped bottom, and am halfway through the yellow side.  Perhaps in my haste to organize, I forgot the importance of keeping the active projects out and about.  My New Year's wish for you -- may your year be filled with a bit of disorder, overshadowed by beautiful and peaceful knitting.  Happy New Year!

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Nice to see ya again! Great bag!

Posted by: Christina | Jan 8, 2006 11:57:33 PM

Aaah! THAT IS GORGEOUS!!!! What a great pattern! Almost too beautiful to only knit a bag with it. I imagine hats, sweaters, everything! Wonderful colors, too...

Posted by: Julia | Jan 9, 2006 2:21:03 AM

That bag is going to be beautiful. I can't wait to see the FO!

Posted by: stephanie | Jan 9, 2006 4:35:23 AM

That bag is fabulous! I might have to see if I can rustle me up some of that...

Posted by: Ann | Jan 9, 2006 7:17:18 AM

That bag is gorgeous! I love the colors and the shading effect. I can't wait to see the finished object!

Posted by: Susan | Jan 9, 2006 8:22:54 AM

A belated Happy New Year, nona!

Posted by: Agnes | Jan 9, 2006 8:47:01 AM

wow, that is gorgeous fair isle. and yes, you need to finish it soon so we know what it looks like.

Posted by: blossom | Jan 9, 2006 9:09:11 AM

I'm so glad that you got a nice surprise rather than one of those knitting dogs that seem to lurk in the depths of the stash waiting to be unearthed at the least opportune moment. How did your class with Beth go? I'm signed up to take a course from her at Stitches West and I can't wait!

We're still in the throes of moving, but I should be able to start up our mini-masters sock along in the next few weeks - I'll be in touch!

Posted by: Julia | Jan 9, 2006 9:56:32 AM

Happy New Year Nona! Gorgeous bag! Having just attempted FI for the first time, I am in awe of your skill.

Posted by: colleen | Jan 9, 2006 10:09:57 AM

Happy New Year, Nona! The bag looks smabulous so far, I can't wait to see it finished.

Posted by: Purly Whites | Jan 9, 2006 11:14:47 AM

Happy New Year, Nona, missed you.

Posted by: erin | Jan 9, 2006 4:12:10 PM

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