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November 28, 2005

Peaceful Palms Weekly #5

We have a lot of busy glove knitters out there!  First, congratulations to this week's Peaceful Palms finishers:

  • Agnes finished a fabulous pair of lace gloves from A Gathering of Lace.  Agnes recommends that if you like knitting socks you'll also enjoy knitting gloves -- I totally agree!
  • Bernadette is definitely hooked on gloves finishing her second pair of Hooray for Me Gloves -- this pair for her son.
  • Betty finished a great pair of tipless gloves for her son.  She enjoyed the entire glove knitting process -- up to the weaving of ends, that is!
  • Carola finished her pair of "Glottons" using Noro Kureyon.  She cleverly added crocheted "little bridges" between the fingers of these fingerless gloves -- be sure to go look for yourself!
  • Ceris knit a beautiful pair of gloves from Louisa Harding's Gathering Roses Accessories Collection.
  • Dena is very happy with her i-cord gloves -- loving the yarn and the finished gloves.
  • Ina is well into her Holiday Knitting completing a pair of fingerless gloves of her own design.  These will make a great holiday gift for the lucky recipient!
  • Judy is also a multi glove finisher.  She finished her 2nd pair of fingerless gloves -- using a toothpick to knit the thumb -- and is well into her 3rd pair.
  • Kim (scroll down to Nov 17th) finished a pair of gloves for her boyfriend using one strand of alpaca for warmth and one strand of Sock It to Me wool/nylon for strength.
  • Margene finished her Grrlfriend Gloves and found they went great with her newly completed Brier jacket -- check out her complete hand knit ensemble here.
  • Mary finished a pair of fingerless gloves -- she plans to wear them when cycling to work.
  • Mia's beautiful, lacy gloves were finished just in time for the first snow.
  • Renata finished her Broad Street Mittens, modifying the pattern to include an intarsia star on the mitten cover. 
  • Tara, a new knit alonger, has already finished one pair of gloves for her father-in-law and plans to make a 2nd pair for her mom.

While lot's of you are hard at work and almost finished:

  • Alice is almost finished with your tipless gloves, having only the ends to weave in.  She cleverly used short rows to subtly shape the back of the hand.
  • Carina (scroll down) has finished her first Garn Studio fingerless glove -- it looks very soft and cozy -- and is well into its mate.
  • Elaine plans to knit Sweaterscape's Opera Gloves -- long and elegant.
  • Faith has finished the fingers of her first Urban Necessity glove.
  • Heather O. is knitting a pair of top down gloves.  After knitting several i-cord fingers, she switched to using i-cord until the increases were done and knitting the rest in the round.
  • Kelly is converting a pair of partially knit socks into her second pair of Peaceful Palms gloves.
  • Laura is primed and ready -- books and magazines collected, yarn purchased, fingers measured -- to knit a pair of gloves for her boyfriend.
  • Sherry is knitting Lucy Neatby's Paradoxical Mitten -- quite cool.
  • Springy is almost finished with her tipless gloves, only 2 more fingers to go.  Go on over and cheer her on to the finish line.
  • Winnie has started a pair of fingerless gloves for her husband.

On a final note, let's quickly flash back to the Nothing But a T-Shirt knit along.  I'd like to congratulate several recent finishers:

  • Carry finished her NBaT and it looks great -- worth all the hard work!
  • Nancy debuted her finished NBaT on Thanksgiving -- lucky girl lives in a nice warm climate!  Go find out what happened when they went back into the house after the NBaT photo shoot...

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Wow that's alot of hand coverings! This last week I also finished another pair. I posted an FO of hand warmers from LMKG, and will have two more pairs of fingerless gloves on the sticks soon. Such perfect holiday gifts!

Posted by: jillian | Nov 29, 2005 10:08:37 AM

The gloves are winding down fast. They are all fabulous. I finished and I'm already planning the next pair. This time I'll do a little more tweaking of the pattern.

Posted by: Beverly | Nov 29, 2005 10:48:04 AM

Lotsa peaceful palms this week! I finished a pair of mittens this week and just posted 'em. One pair down, one to go :O)

Posted by: amanda | Dec 1, 2005 4:59:54 PM

I've got several finished gloves/mitts and a whole bunch in the works!

Thanks for keeping us all accountable for finishing...


Posted by: Susie | Dec 2, 2005 6:12:04 AM

Hi, I love your blog! It's really cool, and I love the gloves. One question a friend of mine had was about a glove pattern, made for couples.
One glove was normal, but the other was missing a thumb, so they could hold hands. Have you heard of anything like this? I was thinking she could just leave the thumb off, of do the first couple of rows, and cast off, leaving the thumb open....Thanks, I really enjoyed your site!!

Posted by: Mica | Dec 3, 2005 6:10:37 PM

I just finished my Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers and might just add a little 'flip-top' to 'em- a la BroadStreet...any suggestions?

Posted by: Tara | Dec 4, 2005 10:38:30 AM

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