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July 18, 2005

What's Going On

So, what's going on with the NBaT knit along?  First, congratulations are in order for two more t-shirt finishers:

Lynette looks fresh and cheery -- even in the hot weather -- in her finished NBaT.  She already has plans for a second one.

Mary-Heather has finished her "Knit Cafe" t-shirt for her store's model, Ivy.  Definitely check out the embroidery she added to her T.

In other news:

Beth is looking for some advice and help with her hem, can you help her?

Leica is oh, so close to finishing her T-shirt -- let's go over and cheer her on to the finish line.

Linda has set in her first sleeve and is seaming like a pro.  She's been fortunate enough to knit her t-shirt while taking an intermediate knitting class taught by the NBaT designer, Alison.  nona's jealous!

Rachael (scroll down) has added her motif to the front of her t-shirt and is counting down the days to the birth of her third child -- 18 days.  Which will come first?  A finished NBaT or a baby?

In nona news:

I was walking down 24th street in San Francisco today wearing my Loopy and Lucious Shawl over my Tivoli T-shirt and this homeless guy said, "I like your scarf lady, it's neato".  Thanks homeless guy!  You never know who will appreciate your hand knits -- all I know is, it sure feels neato to get a compliment!

What's going on with you?

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Oops, I missed getting into the NBaT update this week. I'm doing my T in the round. I've never made a sweater with sleeves before. How does doing the sweater in the round change setting in the sleeves? Any hints as to how I should go about it?


Posted by: Dena Childs | Jul 19, 2005 2:43:36 AM

that IS a neato shawl. and, haha, because i'm crazy (and have more time on my hands to sit around right now), i started the tivoli for my mom in the smallest size. it's going really quickly and i love the pattern. :-)

Posted by: rachael | Jul 19, 2005 7:48:08 AM

What's going on with me? Plain st st for a whole sweater! Just started and only had 5 inches "accomplished"!

Posted by: Agnes | Jul 19, 2005 8:47:18 AM

It's a very neato shawl.

I frogged my NBaT because a couple of things that bothered me (swatches and details on my blog, skip the "my in-laws are here and I am going out of my mind" part). I love the pattern and the yarn so much I really do not mind starting over.

Posted by: Lu | Jul 19, 2005 9:15:24 AM

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