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June 20, 2005

Bloggers, Face-to-Face

Today at CommuKnity, while buying the Euroflax yarn for my Grumperina Tivoli T, nona had an interesting experience.  Please excuse a quick aside from my riveting story, but did you know that this Euroflax yarn comes in many -- and I mean many -- beautiful colors?  Anyway, two of the gals working at the shop, Nancy and Kate, are fellow bloggers.  Nancy just so happens to be one of the NBaT knit alongers and I was lucky enough to see her T-shirt in progress, in person.  Why, oh why, did I leave my digital camera at home?  Being fairly new to the blog scene, this was the first time I'd met fellow bloggers face-to-face.  To be perfectly honest it's really fun and a tad bit surreal -- do you know what I mean?

In other NBaT knit along news, we have 3 new knit alongers: 

Linda is knitting her NBaT as part of Alison's intermediate knitting class.  She's in the process of shaping the shoulders using short rows instead of stair step bind offs.

Lynette has been knitting her NBaT while teaching her daughter to drive and is making quick progress.

AliceQ is not only new to the knit along, she's also already finished with her NBaT -- be sure to read all about her project!


Cathy has finished her NBaT -- I love her color combination and the T fits her perfectly.

Carina is blocking the pieces of the NBaT -- you'll never dream what word she put on the front.

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I made a grumperina t-shirt!:) I am making my 2nd next week! so fast, so cute... so perfect. :)

Posted by: Kate | Jun 21, 2005 9:53:03 AM

Wow! there is a knitting blog? i think i am in heaven. I stumbled upon this site when i googled "coilless safety pin uses", because i make bracelets out of safety pins and my mom accidently got me useless coilless ones. Anyway, you guys all amaze me. I'm only 15, but i hope i keep knitting from now into adulthood. I love everyone's projects and am amazed at some of the detail in them. I knit scarves for this past christmas and 32 lucky friends got scarves for christmas. Then i discovered how to purl, and my first sweater. It didn't work, but it gave me something to do during English class ( my teacher was amazing and let me knit during class ) and lunch. Anyway, do you know of anywhere online or anyone online, or a book that can teach me exactly how to turn? or shape a heel? I want to knit socks or mittens for christmas this year, and it is time to get started. Thanks, and happy knitting!

Posted by: Amy | Jun 21, 2005 10:53:39 AM

Nona, you'll be happy to know that tonight, with Alison looking helpfully over my shoulder :), I successfully shaped NBaT's left back shoulder with...you guessed it! Short rows! Thanks again for your helpful advice and encouragement.

How great to be part of this knitalong!

Posted by: Linda | Jun 21, 2005 9:13:57 PM

I'm on the home stretch! phew... ;)

Posted by: tania | Jun 28, 2005 9:59:49 AM

Nona I am trying to find installment 3 for the socks and I dont know if I am in the wrong place or what could you tell me

Posted by: DARNISE | Jun 29, 2005 7:07:17 PM

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